30 Sarcastic ‘Texts From Your Existentialist’ That Might Make You Laugh, Then Cry (New Pics)

This Instagram account with over 500k followers called “Texts From Your Existentialist” mashes up timeless art and modern quotes showing different sarcastic and also downright absurd scenarios. The essence behind the account is to place 21st-century text right into classic paints, movie stills, and vintage art.

April Eileen Henry is a poet who stays in Los Angeles. She created this task back in 2014, as well as Bored Panda connected to her to discover a bit much more.

” One day, I did not get a message back as well as began texting myself things I would certainly say to them. My art history background notified my muses. All the French existential thinkers sitting at Cafe de Flore in Paris motivated me.”

More details: Instagram|clovepages.wixsite.com|textsfromyourexistentialist.tumblr.com

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The web page initially started with a Tumblr page and, after that, grew and shifted right into an Instagram web page too. Already, the “Messages From Your Existentialist” has a racking variety of half a million followers, with a typical post reaching over 10k likes and also even more. The page’s proprietor April likewise has a site as well.

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On timeless artwork and movie stills, ” Texts From Your Existentialist” commonly portrays sarcastic and demotivating texts. You can even locate juxtaposed pieces of famous artists such as Vincent van Gogh, Hilma af Klint, and even motion picture scenes that include the old Hollywood actresses such as Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, and numerous others.

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” Texts From Your Existentialist” likewise markets the product, one of the most prominent things being prints. Since who would not want an amusing yet depressing quote that they could happily put on their work desk or a wall surface? Talk about having something weird, however similarly artistic and also one-of-a-kind, in your house. Although, having such prints hanging in your residence could leave several guests with more concerns instead of answers.

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If you had your fill of demotivational texts, we suggest that you may leave the web page, Pandas. Yet … if you are seeking even more, well, good news for you! It’s not the first time “Messages From Your Existentialist” appeared on Bored Panda; as a result, if you’re genuinely interested and want a few more photos to save in your phone gallery to share with friends later,,, go here for part 1.

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