15+ Vintage Bad Girl Mugshots From Between The 1940s And 1960s

Imprint Michaelson is a New York-based artistry chief and visual designer and a gatherer of vintage mugshots of people of all ages and races. His present assortment of 10,000 photographs is a product of the impact he got from his father, who was a legal advisor. He remembers listening to rough cases during supper and going to the city prison to rescue his youthful clients. His passion for gathering vintage mugshots started when he was gifted with an authentic Patty Hearst “Needed” poster by a companion into odd and unusual historical relics. Fortunately enough, we can have a glimpse of some of the female vintage mugshots he’s gathered over the years through the display beneath. Assuming you need to find out about Mark Michaelson and his enjoyable pastime, head on to Collector’s Weekly for a top to bottom scoop.

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