31 Ellis Island Immigrant Photos From 100 Years Ago That Remind Us The Beauty Of American Diversity

The current situation of immigration in the United States brings back recollections of better occasions when the nation invited the individuals who looked for asylum within its lines. For a long time, Ellis Island in the state of New York was the escape for a vast number of immigrants aiming to gain entrance into the United States. This truth was briefly caught by an Ellis Island representative named Augustus Sherman. Albeit an untrained picture taker, he had the option to capture more than 200 photographs of the numerous immigrants he met in Ellis Island somewhere in the range of 1905 and 1914. Investigate a couple of his pictures underneath and revel at the assorted family line of our America today.

(h/t: all-that-interesting) 

1. A man from Algeria 

2. A lady from Guadalupe 

3. A Hindoo kid 

4. A lady from Romania 

5. A Sami lady from Finland 

6. A man from Denmark 

7. Ladies from Guadeloupe 

8. An Algerian man 

9.A woman from Italy

10.A soldier from Albania

11.Three Slovakian women

12.A Ruthenian woman

13.Two Russian Cossacks

14.A man from Turkey

15.Two children possibly from Sweden

16.A woman from Norway

17.A man from Bavaria

18.Two Dutch children

19.Three little Scottish boys

20.A woman from Italy

21.A Greek Orthodox priest

22.A woman from Greece

23.A soldier from Greece

24.A shepherd from Romania

25.A piper from Romania

26.Two Romanian women

27.Slovak woman and her children

28.A young girl from Sweden

29.A tattooed German

30An Alsace-Lorraine girl

30.A Dutch Protestant woman


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