45 Very Dumb Statements About Women By Men Who Have No Clue How Women Work

There’s an entire subreddit devoted to snickering at every one individuals who are dumbfounded at how young ladies work, and it’s gold. Made in 2018, it as of now has over 230k individuals who are continually sharing the stupidest and most uninformed things they’ve found out about the female body. What’s more, trust me, there are a lot of them. Some have no clue about why ladies can’t drop their periods, and others… Indeed, simply keep looking over and see with your own eyes.

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Blunt Force Trauma To The Back Of The Hair Style


Man, My Uterus Would Be Long Gone The Way I Drive




If Only It Was That Easy


Thank You Tumblr


Yeah, That’s Definitely The Problem


Hope My Credit Gets Approved


May I Suggest This Pic For This Sub’s Banner?


Some Guys Need That Extra Little Bit Of Help


Let’s Go Girls


Posted This On R/Historymemes


Bet They Like It


This Post


Hmmm Yes Ironing


Not How Lesbians Work


If A Girl Sees A Male Gyneacologist, She Is A Hypocrite When She Won’t Allow Her Husband To Go To A Stripclub


They Think Women Are Basically Automatons


He Got Called Out On His “Women Don’t Like Sex” Bullsh*t. Welp, I Think They Just Don’t Want To Have It With You


Even Nasa Engineers Do Not Know How Girls Work


If You Say No To A Proposal It Means You’re Cheating?


Found In My Facebook Memories


The Average Woman Has Sex With 1-3 New Men Per Week


My Whole Life Is A Lie, All This Time I Had No Idea


Not-How-Woon A Post About Women In Medical Schoolmen-Work


Women Are All Living In A Romcom


Yeahhh Right


Tattooed And Pierced Girls Are Prostitutes


Because At Seven Months Pregnant, You Can Easily Put Your Baby Bump Somewhere Else Or Hide It Completely, Right?… Right???


Did You Know?


Saw On R/Memes


Why Is This Always Depicted In Movies/ Shows? I’ve Never Actually Seen Girls Getting Mad About Something Like This Irl


Not How Feminism Works


Still Not It


Sorry That Your Man Is A Ho


On Your 50th Birthday, Fairies Come Along And Make You Invisible To Douchebags! Yay!


We’ve Been Found Out Ladies


It’s Time For The Crunch Free Chip Revolution!


“Girls With Short Hair Are Damaged”


Can’t Tell If This Is A Pre-Teen Tryna Be Edgy Or A Legitimately Ignorant Dumbass. Either Way I Guess Depression Is Cancelled, Ladies! Go Home And Stop Crying Over Nothing


I Just Don’t Get Why Guys Expect Us To Want To See Their Penis. Like He Was So Shocked When I Frankly Told Him To Piss Off. Eugh


Yes, I Am A Feminist Therefore I Want Men To Punch Me In The Face


Eggs Die At 30, Ladies


A Girl I’m Friends With Posted This On Facebook…


Not Only Is This Untrue, I Didn’t Even Know This Was A Stereotype


My Cousin Who’s Never Had A Girlfriend Shared This On Facebook. Idk About The Girls On Here But I Don’t Wear That Many Shoes


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