50 Odd And Interesting ‘Weird History’ Posts From This Account That Makes Learning Fun No Matter How Old You Are (New Pics)

With real-life truths usually being much stranger than fiction, there’s nothing like an excellent history book to get your noggin’ joggin’ and make you appreciate life from an entirely various perspective. I may have begun my relationship with history as a subject with the incredible Horrible Background book series. However, I have ever since graduated to thick and dirty tomes.

Nonetheless, I still have a yearning for more fun and unique elements of background that first attracted me, which’s where the Weird History Twitter page comes into play. A web page with 172k followers that’s been active given that September 2011, Weird History is the brainchild of Andrew Rader, who does, well, practically every little thing: from book-writing to cool down area stuff.

Look through several of the most remarkable current posts made by the Weird Background project, upvote the ones that you liked best, and later consider absorbing some more delicious knowledge from Bored Panda’s previous articles about the Twitter account here as well as here.

Extra information: Twitter (Unusual Background)|Twitter (Andrew)|Instagram|Facebook|YouTube|Andrew-Rader. com.

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Andrew has a PhD from MIT in long-duration spaceflight, is a professional in space exploration, and has authored a host of educational and technological documents. What’s even more, he’s an enthusiastic author, having actually published books for adults and also youngsters alike, as well as he creates tabletop video games in his spare time.

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The Canadian, who now resides in Los Angeles in The golden state, has likewise been thoroughly featured in the media, consisting of The New york city Times and Vice. And ultimately, including in his excellent checklist of success, he’s a facts fanatic (also having taken home awards), and he’s also the curator of the Weird Scientific research account.

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In 2014, Andrew was working at SpaceX as a Goal Manager, while previously, he had obtained four years of experience as a Spacecraft Systems Engineer at COM DEV. Among the most incredible things about him (at least for me) is that he was a candidate for the Canadian Astronaut Corps back in 2009 and as lately as 2017.

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What’s more, he was being thought about as one of the prospective candidates for a one-way objective to the Red Earth as part of the Mars One project in 2014. It should be clear by now that Andrews’s enthusiasm for scientific research and also background aren’t just for show– he’s devoted his life to the search for reality, understanding, and pushing the limits of the human race. And Odd Background it’s simply the tip of the iceberg.

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