You’ve most certainly heard of the by now the great advantages of at-home facial back rubs, yet if you want a boost, the following are a couple. Think: hostile to maturing, decreased skin break out, further developed bloodstream in the skin, the rundown can continue endlessly.

However, if your hands aren’t doing the work for you, it’s an ideal opportunity to get a few tools. One of our special tools for giving our face a deep back rub is the well-known gua sha, an elliptical-shaped stone that has been utilized in old Chinese beauty and wellbeing ceremonies for quite a long time.


Sandra Lanshin Chiu, authorized acupuncturist, cultivator, and originator of Lanshin, gua sha is a regular Chinese medication (TCM) practice most ordinarily used to treat torment, yet additionally valuable for some inside conditions.

Chiu might likewise want to expose this very normal confusion: Gua sha is a method, not a solitary item. She notes that numerous materials are utilized as gua sha tools, yet stones, for example, jade or rose quartz are the most well-known for corrective applications like facial gua sha.

Concerning the actual act of gua sha, the prized method includes utilizing a tool (conventional gua sha regularly consists of the utilization of a coin or a porcelain soup spoon, as indicated by Chiu) to stroke or “scratch” tight, tense, or obsessive regions to separate and eliminate blood stagnation.

“Gua sha works on the dissemination of blood, liquids, and qi (energy), and present-day research affirms that it reinforces the insusceptible framework and has incredible mitigating impacts,” says Chiu.


As indicated by Chiu, there are plenty of advantages that come from rehearsing gua sha facial tools all over. She says that when drilled effectively, facial gua sha animates and further develops the course of blood, liquids, and qi in the skin and fundamental tissue.

“In TCM, a consistent progression, of course, is the thing that keeps your body solid and gives skin its shine,” she says. “Further developed course makes apparent changes including however not restricted to diminished puffiness, smoother composition, relaxed lines, decreased listing, etched and lifted appearance, added volume (something we lose with age), and it can even assist skin inflammation with mending quicker.”


Anyway, need to receive every one of the rewards of this cherished Chinese practice? Before you begin kneading your face with your most loved gua sha tools, Chiu has a couple of tips for you to follow:

  • Don’t store your facial gua sha tools in the refrigerator or cooler: “In TCM, we by and large try not to utilize cold tools on the skin and body since cold tightens flow,” Chiu prompts. “Truth be told, for most age-related worries, just as skin break out and skin blockage, I utilize a room temperature or warm tool to animate dissemination, making ideal conditions for recuperating and revival. I’m not saying a chilled tool will hurt you. However, it’s not utilized in TCM.”
  • Any time is an extraordinary opportunity to rehearse gua sha: Chiu says that the best ideal opportunity to rehearse facial gua sha is the point at which it’s helpful and practical for you. “Certain individuals appreciate it in the first part of the day to stimulate.
  • Don’t neglect to prepare your skin first: Before you begin rehearsing gua sha all over, Chiu prompts “preparing” your skin first with a hydrating fog or liquor-free toner. She additionally suggests circling back to a facial oil formed for your skin type.
  • Slow and consistently dominates the race: Chiu says that utilizing slow, delicate strokes and light to medium strain is key while rehearsing facial gua sha. She noticed that going excessively hard or too quick might bring about “Sha,” or brief red denotes that appears to be like a hickey.
  • Purchase your tool from a TCM specialist: If conceivable, Chiu suggests sourcing your gua sha tools from a TCM expert, like an authorized acupuncturist. “As delicate as facial gua sha is, it’s a clinical practice with contraindications and possible dangers.
  • Learn the facial gua sha procedure: As we said previously, the gua sha tool is a training that should be, indeed, drilled. If you’re searching for a spot to begin, Chiu has free instructional exercises for you to look at.

As Chiu prompted, you ought to talk with a TCM specialist before purchasing a gua sha tool to get the best advantages. Nonetheless, if you can’t get to a confided-in TCM expert in your space, we suggest tracking with Chiu’s instructional exercises and getting a trusted gua sha tool for yourself.

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Pro Gua Sha Tool in Nephrite Jade

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Gua Sha Massage Tool for Facial Massage,Bian Stone Gua Sha Tool

About This Item

OK, so I know this one is pricey, but it’s truly the best guasha tool you could ever find on the market. First off, it’s created by Chiu, who’s extremely well-versed in the art of gua sha, and she used that expertise to create the ultimate gua sha device.

It’s made out of sturdy dark-green nephrite, which glides on the skin without excessive pulling or tugging, which only works even better when paired with your favorite oils. It also has three smooth, rounded edges — the larger edges are for the contours of your face, and the smaller one is for your eye area — and a ridged edge for a deeper gua sha treatment.

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Mount Lai Gua Sha Facial Lifting Tool

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Mount Lai – The Jade Gua Sha Facial Lifting Tool

About This Item

These gua sha facial tools are made out of Xiuyan jade, which feels cool and mitigating on skin with next to no compelling reason to pop it into your skincare refrigerator (which Chiu prompts against doing). It additionally has adjusted edges and a thin height to get into everywhere of your face. This lightweight gua sha tool is also the most effortless one to utilize, making it the best pick for fledglings and gua sha fans.

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Stainless Steel Gua Sha Tool with Travel Pouch – By SACHEU

Stainless Steel Gua Sha Tool with Travel Pouch - By SACHEU

The Original Stainless Steel Gua Sha Tool with Travel Pouch for Facial Tension

About This Item

Assuming you need a heavier vibe to your gua sha tools, then, at that point, permit me to acquaint you with this hardened steel choice from Sacheu. Its heavier feel makes it ideal for a more profound treatment, and it’s likewise really simple to clean: Wash off with cleanser and water, and you’re good to go for your next gua sha meeting.

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YINA Bian Stone Body Gua Sha Tool

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YINA Bian Stone Body Gua Sha Tool

About This Item

We love a decent facial gua sha stone. However, this specific one was made to use starting from the neck. Relieve your tensest muscles with this elongated shaped gua sha stone, which is made out of bian stone and made by specialists of Chinese medication to give you a definitive encounter. Its shifting edges help get into the most profound forms of your body, so you’ll feel like you just had a deep tissue rub after one meeting with this mitigating stone.

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Snow Fox Skincare Black Obsidian Hot Stone Gua Sha

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Snow Fox Skincare Black Obsidian Hot Stone Gua Sha

About This Item

As Chiu said previously, conventional gua sha methods are polished with warm tools. Thus, assuming you’d prefer to take a more normal course with your gua sha normal, then, at that point, we suggest snatching this dark obsidian tool. You can absorb the heated stone water for a couple of moments, fly on a sheet veil, and afterward float the stone against the sheet cover to further develop item retention. Its adaptable brush shape additionally offers four back rub contact focuses. The level surface is extraordinary for squeezing against a sheet veil to assist with helping warmth and serum retention.

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