Artist Photoshops His Tiny Dog To make Her Look Like Just How Big She Thinks She Is

Mitch Boyer, a Brooklyn-based artist, is now collaborating with hisfuzzy companion Vivian on a kids’ book entitled Vivian The Dog Moves To Brooklyn. The artist utilizes the enchantment of photoshop to control Vivian’s photo to make her look greater, far from her actual cutesy size. Boyer changes Vivian into a charming, delicate goliath with innovation similar to The Hobbit in the book.

To fund-raise for the book’s distribution, Boyer is leading a Kickstarter crusade. He recounts how he and Vivian have been living respectively for a long time and have gone through four states, five urban areas, and ten unique homes. His idea is to give youngsters going through the pressure of new conditions solace from their exciting encounters.

The book contains full-shading representations by Boyer and incorporates lettering and delineations by artist Valerie Navarro.

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