Artist Replaces Musicians With Cats In Popular Album Covers, And The Result Is Purrfect

The web realizes beyond any doubt the force of felines to perk things up in significant ways. With a dash of cat presence, the exhausting will be charged up and the conventional will become unprecedented. Actually like what Brooklyn-based picture taker and visual designer, Alfra Martini, did to well known album covers from different iconic groups and vocalists like David Bowie, Nirvana, and Madonna. She reproduced these album covers and supplanted the first artists with felines . Obviously, the outcomes are an unquestionable requirement. So look down and witness felines assuming control over the music business by featuring in the most iconic album covers. Assuming you need to see a greater amount of these charming album covers, investigate The Little cat Covers’ Tumblr page.

1. David Bowie – Aladdin Rational

2. Nirvana – Don’t bothe


3. Elegance Jones – Slave to the Cadence

4. Sinéad O’Connor – I Don’t Need What I Haven’t Got

5. Eurythmics – Contact

6. Tina Turner – Private Artist

7. Sovereign – Sovereign II

8. Madonna – Madonna

9. Elvis Presley – Elvis Presley

10. Bounce Marley and the Mourners – Legend

11. AC/DC – Thruway to Damnation

12. Little Richard – Here’s Little Richard

13. Billy Joel – The Outsider

14. Motorhead – Trump card

15. Pet Shop Young men – Actually

16. Pink Floyd – Clouded Side of the Moon

17. Depeche Mode – Some Incredible Prize

18. The Strokes – Is This It

19. Iron Lady – Iron Lady

20. Happiness Division – Obscure Delights


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