Banana Boat Sunscreen Review for the Beach – 5 Reasons to Buy It

I am in the south and enjoy playing tennis in the early evenings., suggesting I truly need GOOD sunscreen.

I genuinely scorn applying sunscreen (who doesn’t?), yet I finally found a sunscreen that I ENJOY putting on close to the start of the day. Without a doubt – you heard me right. I genuinely love this sunscreen!

Banana Boat Sunscreen Review

Banana Boat Sunscreen Review

Take a look out for my Banana Boat sunscreen review. This is a review of the Banana Boat Sun Comfort SPF 50 sunscreen, which has now been renamed the Banana Boat Dry Balance sunscreen.

Banana Boat Sunscreen Review of Sun Comfort and Dry Balance

This Banana Boat sunscreen review point of convergence is the Banana Boat Sun Comfort sunscreen, which is presently called Dry Balance.

Banana Boat Sunscreen Sun Comfort Sunscreen

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Banana Boat Sunscreen Review: 5 Things I Like

There are five main reasons that the Banana Boat Sun Comfort Sunscreen (by and by called Dry Balance) is a champ in my book in this Banana Boat sunscreen review, and why I got three extra holders yesterday at a deal!

1. It’s Quick and Easy to Apply (#1 Reason It Gets My Glowing Review)

The Banana Boat Sun Comfort SPF 50 sunscreen is a joy to use.

You don’t have to “rub” it in. You just put it on, and it is smooth and fragile, and rich. It’s like applying your treasured skincare cream. It’s simply easy to use.

2. It Soaks in Quickly

You know those sunscreens where you apply it, and then your skin becomes white and pallid after 5 minutes? With the Banana Boat Sun Comfort Sunscreen, this is not the case. I apply it, smooth it across my skin, and voila! – it’s entirely absorbed.

3. It Smells Amazing

I’ll let it all hang out. I’m a sucker for sunscreen that smells nice. Banana Boat’s Sun Comfort sunscreen has a tropical scent. It assists me with recollecting the Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess scent.

Exactly when I put on the Sun Comfort Sunblock, I feel like I’m at a tropical inn.

This is one of the main reasons why I gave the Banana Boat Dress 5/5 stars in my review.

4. It’s Not Sticky Like Other Sunblocks

I’ve endeavored the more affordable Up&Up sunblocks from Target. They were shabby and felt yucky on my skin.

An enormous number of the game’s sunblocks feel tasteless too. The Sun Comfort sunscreen isn’t in any capacity whatsoever shabby.

5. It’s Not Watery

I like the Max Block Sunscreen ($1 at Dollar Tree!) since it is both modest and functional. Also, it smells extraordinary.

Regardless, it’s a little watery for my taste. Alternately, the consistency of the Sun Comfort sunblock is OK.

Banana Boat Sunscreen Review: What I Don’t Like About Banana Boat Sunscreen

1. It’s Not a Spray

After putting on sunblock in the initial day segment, I like to use a sprinkle of sunblock because my hands are habitually squalid (or sweat-splashed). I would prefer not to put the sunblock down on the ground all around my skin.

I endeavored the Banana Boat Sun Comfort sprinkle, and I could have done without it. It didn’t smell staggering.

Taking everything into account, I use the Neutrogena Beach Defense SPF 50 shower.

Neutrogena Beach Defense SPF 50 Spray

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2. Banana Boat Sunscreen Rubs Off When Sweating

The Banana Boat Sun Comfort sunblock isn’t water-safe, so it will tumble off when you sweat.

I’ll yield that I love the Banana Boat sunblock for step by step use (and regardless, for running!). Yet, it doesn’t hold up to my 2-3 hour tennis matches where I’m consistently zeroing in on sweat (with the sunblock!) after each game.

Where to Buy Banana Boat Sunscreen

The Banana Boat Sun Comfort sunscreen is available at Amazon. I purchased mine from TJ Maxx on unique!

I typically demand things off Amazon since I’m a significant part, and the transportation is free.

Banana Boat Dry Balance Sunscreen

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Want to Learn More about Sunscreens?

Need to discover extra? Take a gander at this staggering article by the American Academy of Dermatology. They separate sunscreen terms using precise language.

Banana Boat Sunscreen for “Brushing Off Sand Easily”

I’ll yield. I know practically nothing concerning what the brand administrative gathering at Banana Boat Reviews thought when they added, “Sand successfully excuses” to the Sun Comfort SPF 50+ sunscreen. I mean… what’s the importance here?

For Beach Volleyball Players…

If you look like me (and play seaside volleyball!), you’ll understand that EVERYONE gets sandy while playing in the sand. Whether or not you are wearing sunscreen, you will get sandy. Additionally, figure out how to expect the unforeseen. It’s no big deal. You clear off the sand with a brush or a towel and a short time later bob in the shower.

For Beach Goers…

Suppose you go to the seaside and it is regularly lovely easy to excuse! You needn’t mess with an excellent sunblock. You get dry or stay in the sun for 3-5 minutes, and a while later, the sand will disregard with practically no issue.

Banana Boat Sunscreen Review for the Beach

In layout, I don’t see any point in presenting the defense that “sand viably overlooks”, resulting in using the Banana Boat sunscreen.

Taking everything into account, I’ll say that the Banana Boat Reviews Sun Comfort SPF 50+ sunblock is a reasonable expense and an unbelievable sunscreen that isn’t shabby, sleek, or watery.

Banana Boat Sunscreen Review Summary: I Like Sunblock by Banana Boat!

In conclusion, I enjoy the Banana Boat sunscreen and the Banana Boat Sun Comfort SPF 50+ sunblock. It was limited yesterday at TJ Maxx, and I bought three extra compartments to last me through summer.

You can buy sunscreen on Amazon. It was simply $10.

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