The 10 Most Flattering, Best Swimsuit Brands for Women to Hug You in All the Right Places

If you are searching for a flattering swimsuit for summer, then having a list of the Best Swimsuit Brands for women may be helpful!

I personally like buying swimsuits on Amazon (it is easy, because you can read all the reviews and see the pictures), but there are also TONS of other Best Places to Buy Swimsuits.

The Best Swimsuit Brands for Women

The Best Swimsuit Brands for Women

I’m in a women’s Facebook group in Atlanta, GA where one woman posed the question of, “What are the most flattering and Best Swimsuit Brands for women?”

Like…ACTUALLY flattering swimsuit brands that fit a woman’s figure.

The 10 Most Flattering, Best Swimsuit Brands for Women

Here is a top 10 list of the best, Most Flattering Swimsuits brands for women for 2021.


Swimsuits by CUPSHE

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CUPSHE has AMAZING swimsuits. Most CUPSHE swimsuits are under $35 online. CUPSHE offers swimsuits for women with small busts and large busts. Plus, CUPSHE has such cute patterns! CUPSHE is actually #1 on my list of the Best Swimsuit Brands for women.

Love the CUPSHE swimsuits above? Click the links below to buy online.

Orange, Blue Bikini

Green One Piece

Red, White One Piece

Check out the CUPSHE 2021 swimsuit clothing haul below to see more.

2. Bdcoco

Bdcoco has cute shirts, workout clothes, dresses, and loungewear outfits for women.

Bdcoco also has cute swimsuits and is one of the Best Swimsuit Brands for women!

Bdcoco High Waist Bikini

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My group of friends (and other women too!) are in LOVE with the Bdcoco high waist two piece bikini.

Bdcoco High Waist Swimsuit in Black

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P.S. COCOSHIP has a similar swimsuit that women love too!

COCOSHIP Women’s Mesh Striped High Waist Bikini

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3. MiracleSuit

If you want a flattering, one piece swimsuit that covers up trouble areas (think tummy control!), then check out MiracleSuit.

MiracleSuit is THE BEST swimsuit brand for women seeking a one piece with tummy control.

Miracle One Piece Swimsuit

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The one piece swimsuits by MiracleSuit are expensive, but women love the flattering fit.

4. Hilor

Women are obsessed with Hilor swimsuits! This swimsuit brand is only available on Amazon, but there are more than 10,0000 reviews (and lots of pictures!) to help you determine what size and style is best.

The two most popular swimsuits are the one shoulder asymmetric one piece ruffled Best Bathing Suit Brands and the one piece front crossover swimsuit.

Hilor Women’s One Shoulder Swimwear

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Hilor One Piece Crossover Swimsuit

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5. Trina Turk

Trina Turk swimsuits are expensive, but Trina Turk made the top 10 list and was highly recommended by women in my friend’s group.

Trinka Turk always has bright, colorful, beautiful dresses, shirts, and swimsuits. Trina Turk is available online, at Nordstrom, and in a few shopping malls.

Women like the Trina Turk V-Plunge one piece swimsuit and the Bralette Hipster Bikini swimsuit top.

Trina Turk Colorful One Piece Bathing Suit

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Trina Turk Colorful Hipster Bikini Top

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I personally like the Trina Turk beach cover up the most! (And it’s more affordable.)

Trina Turk Colorful Beach Cover Up

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P.S. – Love the Trina Turk swimsuit style (bright colors!), but not sure about spending $100 on a swimsuit? Check out this swimsuit on Amazon. It’s under $40 and is so cute and has amazing reviews.

Trina Turk Colorful Swimsuit Dupe on Amazon by Sporlike

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Zando has SO MANY swimsuits to choose from online.

Women love how Zando swimsuits offer tummy control and have the right amount of coverage.

Zando is the perfect swimsuit for moms or for women who want to cover up the tummy a bit.

Zando High Waist Bikini

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The two most popular swimsuits by Zando are the red top with black and white polka dots two piece swimsuit (shown above) and the high waisted two piece swimsuit with black and white palm trees (below).

Zando Black and White Tankini Set

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I’m surprised there aren’t more reviews online…women in my friend’s group highly recommended Zando!

Moms tend to vote Zando as one of the best swimsuit brands for women.

7. Aerie

Aerie Swimsuits for Women

Aerie sells GREAT swimsuits for women of all shapes and sizes, including apple shape, pear shape, plus size, and more. Plus, Aerie swimsuits are affordable.

Tip: Aerie has really good underwear too!

Aerie has a lot of cute swimsuits with animal prints and ruffles.

Aerie Swimsuits with Ruffles for Women

Aerie Leopard Print Swimsuit

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P.S. – Here are a few swimsuits similar to the Aerie swimsuits online for under $30. The leopard print swimsuit by Upopby is basically a dupe of the Aerie leopard print swimsuit!

Aerie Leopard Print Swimsuit Dupe by Upopby

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Aerie gets two thumbs up as one of the best swimsuit brands for women, plus size tweens, and teens.

Swimsuits Similar to Aerie on Amazon

8. Venus

Venus Best Swimwear Brands for Women

Venus has a wide selection of colorful swimsuits and plus size swimwear.

The swimsuits for women by Venus remind me of the California west coast!

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Zaful (like CUPSHE) has cute, affordable swimsuits for women.

And by affordable – I’m meaning swimsuits under $20 and sometimes under $15!

You can buy Zaful online or you can buy Zaful on Amazon. I personally like shopping at Amazon because of the free shipping and returns, and the reviews!

The ZAFUL high waisted bikini scoop two-piece swimsuit is the most popular.

ZAFUL Swimsuit

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10. Riot Swim

I’ll be honest – I had never heard of Riot Swim! But my friends recommended Riot Swim as one of the best, most flattering swimsuit brands for women.

Riot Swim is not my personal style of swimsuit, but if you want a swimsuit that shows off your legs and bootie then this is your swimsuit brand!

P.S. – If you like Riot Swim, you may really like Pink Queen Swimsuits!

Pink Queen Sexy

Pink Queen has similar, super sexy swimsuits that show off your legs nicely.

Runners Up for Best Swimsuit Brands for Women

These swimsuit brands for women didn’t make the top 10 list of the best swimsuit brands for women, but they deserve an honorable mention.

P.S. – If you love Everything But water, check out swimsuits by LSpace, Seafolly, La Branca, and Becca by Rebecca Virtue.

Swimsuit Brands Similar to Everything But Water



La Blanca

Becca by Rebecca Virtue

The Best Beach Coverups to Wear Over Your New Swimsuit

After you’ve found a cute, flattering swimsuit from a swimsuit brand that you love, why not get a new beach cover up? It will help to complete your beach outfit!

Below are three super cute and flattering beach cover ups for women.


Cute Cover Up!

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Ekouaer Beach Wrap in Blue

Ekouaer Beach Wrap

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Ekouaer Beach Cover Up in Red

Ekouaer Beach Cover Up in Red

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Tips for Choosing the Best Swimsuit Brand for You

When searching for the best swimsuit for you (and best swimsuit brand!), keep these things in mind.

How to Choose the Best Swimsuit Brand for You

Here are 5 things to consider.

1. Price

How much do you want to spend on a new swimsuit? You can find lots of cute swimsuits for under $30 online. You can also easily spend $100+ on a new swimsuit.

2.  Your Body Type

Some brands cater more tweens and women sizes 6 and under, whereas others specialize in women with curves and plus size women. Find a swimsuit brand that caters to your body type.

3. Sexy vs. Modest vs. Cute

Do you want a sexy swimsuit with mesh, cut-outs, and plunging necklines, a more modest swimsuit with coverage, or a cute swimsuit with ruffles in bright colors?

Choose a swimsuit brand for women that matches your style.

4. Online Reviews

What do other women say about the swimsuit brand that you are considering?

5. Online vs. In-Store

Do you prefer to try on swimsuits in a store or online at home?

I personally like Amazon because I can research swimsuits online, buy 3-5 swimsuits, try them on at home, and then return one or two if they don’t fit. What’s easiest for you? Does the swimsuit brand you are looking at have a great return policy?