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Best Overall Bidet

Brondell Swash SE600 Bidet Seat
Pro: Con:
  •  It has a helpful auto capacity that’s easier to use than adjusting settings manually.
  • Its rope is short, so an outlet must be nearby.

Primary concern: The Swash SE600 offers a heated seat, solid water strain, and a lot of customizable settings that guarantee you’ll leave the best toilet bidet clean and comfortable.

How much is a bidet? Evaluated at more than $300, the Brondell Swash SE600 may cost more than you want to spend, but we believe it’s certainly worth the cost. After using it for a considerable time, we think it’s the best bidet toilet that cash can purchase. It could be hard to accept, yet some bidet models are priced as high as $1,000. As far as overall value, we imagine that you get the most bang for your buck with the SE600. It packs several advanced features usually found only in more costly models — like a self-cleaning spout, a nightlight, and a deodorizer.

The SE600 took us only 9 minutes to install. All you want is a wrench and a nearby wall power source. Contingent upon the size of your toilet bowl, you have the choice of an elongated or round bidet toilet seat. We decided on the extended model and viewed it as the most comfortable of any best bidet toilet seat we tried. The Toto Washlet C200 seat seemed more cramped and wasn’t as spacious — also, the mounting mechanism grasps and latches onto your toilet bowl better with this model. Our Toto bidet slid around more often than not.

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Aesthetically speaking, the Swash is great looking and feels premium, but at 6 inches tall at its thickest point, it doesn’t mix well with most bathrooms. This is an issue across the board with best bidet. This is because they have repository tanks on their backs for heating the water. We think the tradeoff is worth the effort, and truly, they don’t look bad — they appear to be unique compared to the thin best toilet bidet seat you’re probably used to.

As for using the Swash, you do your professional standard and then, at that point, operate it with the included controller. Although we favored the Toto’s remote-button conspire over the Brondell’s, it’s still very easy to use and change settings. There’s a button for both rear-and front-wash, arrows to adjust the spout position, buttons for tweaking water pressure similar to the buttons you’d find on a TV remote for increasing volume, and a few buttons for changing the temperatures of the water and the best bidet toilet seat. Our favorite button, however, is the Auto mode button.

With the different bidets we tried, you have to squeeze individual buttons to move and adjust the spout to wash the close locations. The auto mode improves the cycle, so you can continue to look through your newsfeed on your smartphone without stressing over cleaning yourself up. The Swash accomplishes the work for you. We also observed that its heated seat reaches warmer temperatures than different models, and its auto mode was more successful than cleaning with toilet paper.

You’ll always want to pat yourself dry and wipe to make sure nothing was abandoned, but we’re confident about suggesting the Swash. It has a solid water strain and a lot of warm water and will leave you feeling so fresh and clean.

Best Budget Buy

Brondell Swash SE400 Elongated Bidet Seat
Pro Con
  • Excellent water pressure, fast seat warmer
  • Control panel is large and stands out in your bathroom

Primary concern: If you’re OK with relinquishing a controller and a deodorizer, the SE400 bidet toilet offers purchasers the most bang for their buck.

To save $100 and do without the controller and a few other features, the Brondell Swash SE400 is still a great bidet that gets the job done well. It offers a heated seat, adjustable water temperature, and a warm air dryer, yet it costs much more than different models. Since it doesn’t have a remote, you operate it using a control panel on the right side. How much is a bidet? We think the control panel makes the toilet seat stand out in your bathroom. Assuming you care about the plan, you may want to spend the extra cash on a model with a remote so your toilet won’t seem like something out of an episode of Star Trek.

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Assuming you’re able to shove style to the side, the SE400 works fantastically and feels excellent, as well. During our tests, the water was always warm when we wanted it to be, and the best bidet toilet seat heated up in an instant, as well. Although this best bidet doesn’t have a deodorizer function, its stainless steel spout oscillates and has a heartbeat function, which together assists in guaranteeing you get clean. We were also surprised to see that the financial plan model even packs a nightlight, which thankfully eliminates those instances when you are dazed by the bathroom light when you have to pee at 4 a.m.

Best Splurge

Brondell Swash 1400 Luxury Bidet Toilet Seat

Pro Con
  • The Swash 1400 has a perpetual high-temperature water supply, a feature most bidets lack.
  • The nightlight is hard to disable.

Primary concern: If you want one of the most sumptuous bidets cash can purchase but don’t want to drop $2,100, the smooth Swash 1400 offers an unending boiling water supply, an implicit deodorizer, and dual nozzles.

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For those searching for a great bidet made from the most significant parts, look no farther than the Brondell Swash 1400. It sports a slim design that mixes in significantly better with your bathroom’s style compared to other bidet toilet and features stowed away pockets to conceal its water and power associations.


Other than looking great, this model offers outstanding cleaning performance. It’s one of a handful of bidets that are outfitted with not one but rather two stainless steel nozzles — one of which is dedicated to washing lady parts, and the other is strictly for cleaning your rear end.

Best bidet offer a front wash for women, yet our female analyst remarked that the subsequent spout has an effect, and the Swash 1400 is preferable for vaginal cleansing over different models. However, there’s no compelling reason to clean the vagina since it’s self-cleaning.


We recently spoke with Dr. Jessica Shepherd, an OB/GYN and women’s health expert, who let us know that you shouldn’t douche because it very well may disrupt the natural bacteria and pH levels in the vagina. However, a best bidet can be helpful for women before and after intercourse and will make it easier to wash the labia folds. In addition, a luxury wash after a cardio meeting is a reward, as well!

However, the standout feature of this bidet toilet is its perpetual warm-water heating framework. Most bidets have a restricted inventory of warm water — meaning you get warm water for about 15 seconds, and after that, it’s simply room temperature until you stop the sprayer. Not only does the Swash 1400 immediately identify when you sit down to engage its heated best bidet toilet seat, but its high-temperature water stream continues indefinitely. Additionally, the bidet toilet is packed with a replaceable carbon-block channel to clean the air in the bowl and forestall foul smells. It also features a warm-air dryer, an automatic cleansing mode, and a nightlight.

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