The Best CUPSHE Bikini for Small Chest – 5 Amazing Swimsuits You’ll Love!

The Best CUPSHE Swimsuits for Small Chest

Bikini For Small Chest CUPSHE swimsuits are SO popular right now. I recently purchased 5 CUPSHE swimsuits and tried them on. OMG…CUPSHE swimsuits are AMAZING and super flattering.

The Best bikini for small chest, CUPSHE has some amazing swimsuits that will fit well.

Bikini For Small Chest

The Best Bikini For Small Chest.

Here are the 5 best best Bikini for small chest.

1. CUPSHE V-Neck Floral Top and Low Rise, Floral Bikini Bottom

Multicolored CUPSHE Swimsuit for Small Chest

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This is my FAVORITE CUPSHE swimsuit. The ruffles look great if you have a small chest and the top fits secure. The bottoms offer great coverage without showing off too much or too little.

Reasons to Fall in Love with this Bikini

  • Super cute matching tops and bottoms
  • Ruffles on the top are great for women with a small chest
  • Bottoms fit REALLY well
  • So many cute patterns and colors…I had a hard time deciding which color to buy!

2. CUPSHE Swimsuit with Twist Front Bikini Top and Floral Print Bikini Bottom

Orange CUPSHE Swimsuit

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The twist front on this Bikini For Small Chest top is GREAT if you have a small chest because it can be tightened in the back.

You May Love this Swimsuit If…

  • You want to show off a little bit of butt cheek!
  • You want to be able to tighten the bikini bottoms
  • You want a bikini top that provides a push up look

3. CUPSHE High Waist Bikini with Ruffle Smock Top

Blue Leafy CUPSHE Swimsuit

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The ruffles on the top of this swimsuit are GREAT if you have a small chest. This swimsuit style is also great at holding you in and covering up the tummy, while also being cute and sexy.

Awesome Swimsuit For

  • Showing off your butt (it has a cheeky back!)
  • Covering your tummy and hiding stomach fat
  • Hiding belly pooch
  • Recent moms
  • Hiding stomach fat

4. CUPSHE Strappy, Lace Up Bikini Top with Leaf Bikini Bottom

Orange Dark Blue CUPSHE Swimsuit

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This Petite swimsuits top actually looks great on both Bathing suits for small chest women AND women with large chests.

The straps in the back can be adjusted so you can tighten the top to fit JUST right.

You’ll Love this CUPSHE Bikini For

  • Covering a mom tummy
  • Women who want to be able to tighten the bikini top
  • Women seeking high-waisted bikini bottoms

5. CUPSHE High Waist Bikini Swimsuit with Ruffle Smock Top

Peach CUPSHE Swimsuit

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The ruffles on the top of this bikini are PERFECT for women with a Bathing suits for small chest.

Best swimsuit for small bust.

  • Ruffles are PERFECT for women with a small chest
  • Bikini bottoms make your legs look REALLY long
  • Thick material
  • Top offers great support and coverage

Note: I usually order a size MEDIUM for CUPSHE. I purchased this one in a SMALL.

CUPSHE Swimsuit Try on Haul 2021

Want to see what CUPSHE swimsuits look like on? Check out this CUPSHE Swimsuit Haul featuring 5 super cute CUPSHE swimsuits under $30!

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Have a question about CUPSHE that’s not covered below? Write a comment and I’ll get back to you!

Is CUPSHE a Good Brand?

I think so! I LOVED the CUPSHE swimsuits I tried on as part of the Very Easy Makeup 2021 CUPSHE swimsuit haul. I used to LOVE Victoria’s Secret swimsuits and I think I like CUPSHE more!

Is CUPSHE from China?

The swimsuits that I bought were made in China…but so are a lot of other clothes and swimsuits.


I’m not sure what people mean by this question…but I bought my CUPSHE swimsuits from Amazon and they arrived within 3 days. Ordering from Amazon is pretty safe in my opinion!

I purchased CUPSHE swimsuits that could be returned (some CUPSHE swimsuits can’t be returned on Amazon), in case I picked the wrong size.

What Size Should I Buy in CUPSHE Swimsuits?

I am usually a medium in Victoria’s Secret underwear and I ordered a medium in the CUPSHE swimsuits.

A medium in CUPSHE fits me REALLY well. I’m 5’6” and 134-140 lbs for reference.

3 More Cute Swimsuits for Women with a Small Chest

Cute Petite swimsuits for Women with a Best swimsuit for small bust and Small Chest

If you want to expand your swimsuit collection, check out these swimsuits too!

They feature ruffles on the top, which is a GREAT style for women with a small chest.

Plus, each of these swimsuits is under $35 online. That’s a deal!

1. Tempt Me Two Piece High Waisted Bikini with Off Shoulder Ruffle Top

Tempt Me Swimsuit in White

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2. Tempt Me One Piece Off the Shoulder Ruffled Swimsuit

Tempt Me One-Piece in A-White Color

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3. Ferbia High Waist Bikini Bottoms with Ruffle Tummy Control Tankini Top

Ferbia Bikini Halter in B-Navy

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