Brunette or Blonde Hair Blue Eyes Makeup – See 20+ Pictures to Help You Decide!

Brunette or Blonde Hair Blue Eyes Makeup – See 20+ Pictures to Help You Decide!

Not sure on whether you should go with Brunette or Blonde Hair Blue Eyes Makeup?

2019 and 2020 were two years with MANY hair color transformations for me. I’ve gone from ash-blonde with Wella T18 to honey warm blonde to dark brown to light brunette. I basically switch up my color every month!

If you aren’t sure what color hair is best for you, check out the photos below. My natural hair color is strawberry blonde, but I tend to switch it up…a LOT!

Right now, I’m thinking that going back to my natural hair color is probably the best, and the most flattering look for me. But I sure did enjoy changing up my hair color!

If you aren’t sure whether to go blonde or brunette, scroll through the images below to help you decide.

Brunette or Blonde Hair Blue Eyes Makeup

Check out the photos below for:

  • Blonde hair ideas (warm and cool shades of blonde) with blue eyes
  • Natural makeup ideas for blondes with blue eyes
  • Pictures to help you decide on whether blonde or Brunette Hair Blue Eyes is better for you
  • Photos of light blonde hair vs. strawberry blonde hair
  • Ideas for light brunette hair
  • Haircut ideas for women with blue eyes (bangs, side bangs, short hair, long hair)

Blonde Hair with Blue Eyes

Here are various pictures with blonde hair and blue eyes. As you can see, I switch up the shade of blonde frequently depending on which Wella toner I use!

Platinum Blonde Hair Blue Eyes (Wella T18)

Here’s a picture with the Platinum Blonde Blue Eyes Makeup using Wella T18.


Below the Shoulder Warm Blonde Hair with Blue Eyes

These pictures are taken at various times last winter and spring.

This is when I had below the shoulder-length hair and warm Blonde Hair Blue Eyes Makeup, using Wella T11, T27, and T35.



Blonde Hair with Wella Toner Only (no Bleaching Hair First)

These two pictures were taken after using the Wella toner, but without bleaching my hair first.

The first picture is with Wella T35. The second is with Wella T28.




Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes for Work and Formal Events

Here are two different hairstyle ideas for work and for formal events.

One was taken before a wedding and the other was taken before going to work!




Short Blonde Hair with Blue Eyes

Here are two pictures RIGHT after I got my hair cut. One is from the spring (no bangs) and one is from the fall (bangs with glasses).

Which look do you like more? You decide!




Blonde Hair and Haircut with Blue Eyes – Professionally Done

This photo was taken right after I paid $150+ for hair color and $50+ for a haircut. Is the look better than the pictures of my Blonde Hair Blue Eyes Makeup that I did myself at home?





You can decide for yourself!

Light Brunette Hair and Blue Eyes

Here are photos of me with darker hair. It’s more of a light brunette/dark blonde color.

Long Light Brunette Hair with Blue Eyes

To make my hair this color, I used the John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Treatment from Amazon.

It washes out after 3 weeks, and then my hair is blonde again! I love the John Frieda treatment!

John Frieda Treatment




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Dark Brunette Hair with Blue Eyes

These pictures were taken the day after using the John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Treatment, when my hair is the darkest!




Bangs with Blue Eyes and Dark Brunette and Dark Blonde Hair

These two pictures were taken recently (December 2020), after I got bangs! Again, I used the John Frieda Treatment.

John Frieda Treatment

One is taken the night after using the treatment (so my hair is pretty dark!) and the second is taken after two shampoos in the shower with my favorite sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.




Is Blonde or Brunette Hair Blue Eyes More Flattering?

From my year of various color changes, it seems like guys like my hair blonde.

Guys seem to not notice the difference in the various shades of blonde, but women seem to like how I look with the darker blonde (Wella T35) versus the pale ash/white blonde (Wella T18).

I loved being blonde, but I think the darker hair color (brunette) brings out the blues in my eyes more. I look less washed out. The darker hair also makes you notice my features vs. the hair.

If you can’t decide, I’d honestly just look at pictures of yourself from the 4th, 5th, and 6th grades. Go with that color hair! It’s probably the most flattering on you!

Enjoying reading about Brunette or Blonde Hair Blue Eyes Makeup. May you also like to read about: Fanola No Yellow Shampoo – Purple Shampoo Before and After Review

Is Bleaching Hair Blonde Damaging to Your Hair?

I’ll admit it, after a year of bleaching my hair blonde – it needs a break! You can bleach your hair monthly without having it all fall out, but I did notice that bleaching it month after month after month did eventually take its toll on my hair.

So, short answer is “yes” – it does damage your hair. Not horribly, but my hair definitely wasn’t as thick as it used to be when I started to bleach it blonde. Now that I haven’t touched it in months (and after getting it cut!), it is so thick again!

It also helps that I started to use the Olaplex No. 3 deep conditioning treatment and the Olaplex No. 7 bonding oil on my hair ends. I also use the It’s a 10 in the morning before brushing my hair. (See below for links to purchase on Amazon.)

What to Use for Damaged Hair After Bleaching Your Hair

I swear by the Olaplex products and It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In (with keratin).

Below are the links on Amazon.

Olaplex No. 7

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Olaplex No. 3

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It’s a 10

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