Experts Say These Are The 20 Most Effective Home Fitness Products

Experts Say These Are The 20 Most Effective Home Fitness Products

Working out at home is more common than ever right now, and everyone is on the hunt for space-efficient gym equipment that doesn’t cost a fortune. To help you upgrade your exercise routine, Bustle reached out to fitness experts who offered their recommendations for the most effective home fitness products on Amazon. Best of all, each of these items costs under $40, so you can break a sweat without breaking the bank.

So, what kind of products do the experts rely on? For starters, items that are easy to use and won’t take up much space in your home. Take, for example, a thick and supportive yoga mat and an adjustable dumbbell set, both recommended by Andrea Rogers, founder of international brand Xtend Barre. Meanwhile, Maddy Ciccone, master SoulCycle instructor, favors a pair of best-selling Bala Bangles that can be used as weights on your wrists or ankles, depending on your goals. And those are just a few of the ways you can upgrade your at-home workout routine — below, you’ll find so many more products that are challenging, effective, and affordable.

Also great? Because these products are all available on Amazon, you can check out reviews from other fitness enthusiasts who’ve already used them. As you’ll see, these are the most effective home fitness products that have earned high ratings from shoppers and experts alike.

IUGA Yoga Mat

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This highly rated yoga mat has over 1,000 fans on Amazon, and Andrea Rogers, founder of international brand Xtend Barre, agrees: “This is such a great mat for your at-home practice. It’s just thick enough to give support but thin enough to allow for stability in standing moves,” says Rogers. “It cleans up nicely and also has two sides, which allows for two color options to suit your style or mood!” Choose from gray, ocean, purple, and red.

2-A Portable Foot Roller That Soothes Tired, Achy Feet

Bloch Foot Roller

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Rogers also recommends this portable foot roller to soothe tired, achy feet. “This little tool is a part of my daily repertoire! I use this to roll out my arches and soothe out any tightness in my feet,” she says. “I highly recommend this to give your feet a little TLC!”

3-The Space-Saving Dumbbell Set That’s Weight-Adjustable

Gruper Adjustable Dumbells (Set of 2)


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To save space in your home gym, Rogers likes this adjustable dumbbell set. “I love this concept — instead of buying multiple sets of weights, you can have one set that you can customize to increase or decrease the weight from 2.2 pounds to 4.4 pounds.” Rogers is also a fan of the design and pastel colors — you can choose from green and blue.

4-An Acupressure Mat That Releases Muscle Tension And Increases Circulation

ProsourceFit Acupressure Mat


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This acupressure mat and pillow set, also recommended by Rogers, has more than 26,000 reviews on Amazon. “I use this mat weekly to decrease tension in the body and focus on body alignment. It’s a wonderful simple tool to help relax muscles, stimulate nerves and improve blood circulation,” she says. It’s available in 14 colors, including purple, black, and pink.

5-This Nonslip Exercise Ball That’s Sized For Your Height

Trideer Exercise Ball


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Dasha Einhorn, a yoga and Pilates instructor, favors this nonslip exercise ball because it comes in different sizes based on height. Another plus: The ball comes with a pump, so it’s easy to inflate and deflate as needed for convenient storage. Choose from six colors and five sizes, ranging from small to XX-large.

6-A Mini Exercise Ball That’s Great For Core Workouts

Carlgg Mini Exercise Ball

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Einhorn also recommends this mini exercise ball for Pilates and barre classes, noting that “core workouts will never be the same.” The affordable mini exercise ball is available in three colors — purple, pink, and blue — and comes with a portable pump, so it’s easy to inflate and deflate as needed.

7-This Affordable Exercise Slider And Jump Rope Set

BONA Exercise Sliders and Jump Rope

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According to Einhorn, these exercise sliders and jump rope are a “great option to add stability and balance exercises to your routine.” The two-sided sliders work on wood floors and carpets, and the set is easy to stash in your bag when traveling, so you can keep up with your workouts, no matter where you are.

8-These Compact And Easy-To-Grip Weights

Egg Weights


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Maddy Ciccone, a master SoulCycle instructor, loves the compact, grippy design of these Egg Weights that “pack a punch.” She notes that the smaller size makes them easier to hold than regular weights, and recommends using them on walks, jogs, or while doing boxing workouts. Exercise aficionados agree; the weights have earned an impressive 4.8-star overall rating after more than 1,600 reviews.

9-This Versatile Kettlebell That Comes In 10 Weights

Amazon Basics Cast Iron Kettlebell


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Keegan Draper is a fitness specialist for the wellness app Mindbody, where you can book virtual and in-person fitness and beauty services, and she calls the cast iron kettlebell an “all-time favorite piece of equipment.” The kettlebell is available in 10 weights, ranging from 10 to 60 pounds, and Draper says, “Many things you can do with dumbbells you can actually do with kettlebells and then more. These are great for swings, HIIT workouts, and really focusing on form.”

10-A Slam Ball That’s Great For Explosive Movements

Amazon Basics Slam Ball

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For another versatile piece of equipment, Draper also recommends this slam ball. “You can do almost everything you would with a normal medicine ball, but then you can do all your throws, slams. and more explosive movements that a medicine ball may be too bouncy for,” says Draper. Choose from 6, 15, 20, and 35 pounds.

11-These Stackable Resistance Bands With 5 Color-Coded Levels

SB SOX Resistance Band Set

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Paul Johnson, founder of the triathlon blog Complete Tri, calls resistance bands “one of the most versatile, yet underrated, pieces of gear out there.” Johnson loves that resistance bands take up little space and are easy to use anywhere, including in hotel rooms while you’re traveling, and recommends buying a set with multiple resistance levels “so you can adjust accordingly, just like you would with weight training.” This stackable set includes five color-coded resistance levels, ranging from 10 to 50 pounds.

12-An Adjustable Ankle And Wrist Weight For Low-Impact Workouts

The Cuff Original Ankle and Wrist Weight

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The Cuff ankle and wrist weight is highly rated by Amazon reviewers, and Katelyn DiGiorgio, vice president of training and technique at Pure Barre, recommends incorporating it into low-impact and strength-training workouts: “They are really durable and made of an easy-to-clean vinyl material, unlike old school sandbag ankle weights that end up holding sweat.” Choose from 20 color-coded weights, ranging from 0.25 to 25 pounds.

13-This Hand Weight Set That Strengthens And Tones The Upper Body

SPRI Hand Weights (Set of 2)
DiGiorgio also favors a set of hand weights that can be added into many strength-training workouts, and this set comes in 13 color-coded options, ranging from 1 to 20 pounds. “At Pure Barre we love to pair 2-pound or 3-pound weights with high repetition arm exercises to strengthen and tone the upper body,” says DiGiorgio.

14-These Yoga Blocks That Increase Stability And Balance

Gaiam Yoga Blocks (Set of 2)


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According to Leada Malek, a board-certified sports physical therapist, yoga blocks might be the some of the most underrated pieces of home exercise equipment. Malek says you can use the durable and supportive Gaiam yoga block set to “help modify yoga poses or use them for mobility work.” Lightweight and versatile, they’re available in four colors: deep purple, black, gray, and vivid blue.

15-A Massage Stick That Releases Muscle Tension And Improves Recovery

TheraBand Roller Massager


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As an alternative to traditional foam rolling, Malek suggests using the TheraBand roller massager on muscles to “help reduce feelings of tightness, improve mobility, and improve recovery.” The 21-inch massage stick has a ridged exterior and works like a rolling pin to knead away tension and soreness.

16-The Sturdy Pull-Up Bar With Wide Grips

Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pull-Up Bar

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When it comes to pull-up bars, Jeff Parke, owner of Top Fitness Magazine, opts for this versatile one from Perfect Fitness: “The grips extend to the outsides of your doorframe, not inside it like most others.” He also notes that this versatile product can be used on the floor for sit-ups, push-ups, and dips. Choose from sport, pro, and elite styles.

17-An Ab Roller That Works Your Entire Core

Fitnessery Ab Roller

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To build core strength, Nofisat Almaroof, M.D., a board-certified family physician and holistic fitness coach, recommends an ab roller: “It’s one of the few, if not only, home exercise tools that will completely work your entire abdominal area. The slow and concentrated movement also helps you build core stability, repair weak abdominal muscles, and exercise your abs with both concentric and eccentric technique.”

18-The Workout Dice That Shake Up Your Routine

Skywin Workout Dice (Set of 4)

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Want to add an element of surprise to your workouts? Chris Higgins, a certified trainer and founder of, suggests using this set of workout dice: “The concept is to let fate decide which routines you’ll do and for how long.” Several of the dice have exercises like jumping jacks, crunches, or lunges, while another die offers various instructions, like “10 reps” or “30 seconds.” “It’s literally like surprising yourself each time you decide to work out,” says Higgins.

19-This Pilates Resistance Ring For A Total Body Workout

Balanced Body Ultra-Fit Circle

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For at-home Pilates, this highly rated resistance ring is recommended by Joy Puleo, a certified Pilates instructor and the education program manager with Balanced Body. For upper body strengthening, the flexible ring can be placed between your hands and gently squeezed while incorporating small movements, but you can also position it between the legs while performing curls for “inner thigh benefits” and to “maximize core training.” Choose from 12- and 15-inch sizes.

20-A Rotator Disc That Improves Core Strength And Balance

Balanced Body Precision Rotator Disc

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Another pick from Puleo: the Balanced Body precision rotator disc, which improves core strength, balance, and alignment when you’re performing squats and lunges. You’ll be challenged to keep the disc from rotating, which, in Puleo’s words, “lights up the inner thighs and the core.” The durable disc comes in 9- and 12-inch sizes, and you can choose from zero, light, or heavy resistance.


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