Boyfriend Surprised His Girlfriend By Drawing Them As A Couple In 10 Different Cartoon Styles, And It’s Just Too Cute

Roses, chocolates, and store-purchased gifts can be sweet, however not so lovely as carefully assembled facilities forged with adoration and effort. This was by and large how to sketch artist Kells O’Hickey helped his girlfriend. He utilized his God-given ability to set up the ideal Christmas gift for his girlfriend, Linds. This sketch artist from Minnesota attracted both himself and Linds ten different cartoon styles; all shows they partook in together.

O’Hickey has consistently had a huge interest in cartoons and anime, and keeping in mind that they were dating, Linds fostered an interest in them. This gift was generally welcomed and appreciated by the girl, who cherishes these cartoon and anime shows. To see a more significant amount of his sweet and unique artistry, look at O’Hickey’s Instagram page, where he began to acknowledge commissioned work.

(h/t: Buzzfeed, Imgur)

Meet Kells O’Hickey and his girlfriend Linds

They are a beautiful couple.

Here are simply the ten styles Kells used to depict themselves as a couple:

1. The Simpsons

2. South Park

3. Family Guy

4. Old Disney Style

5. Current Disney Style

6. Bounce’s Burgers

7. Dragonball Z

8. Steven Universe

9. Rick and Morty

10. Experience Time





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