Brilliant Mirrors Reveal The Hidden Sides Of The Selfie Culture

Everyone is in constant quest for achievement throughout everyday life. Regardless of whether it is a degree, riches, or different achievements, online media assumes the part of broadcasting it to the world. Nonetheless, many have been faking it, as it is so natural to limit content we post online. This has been the concept of the selfie culture, faking it while concealing reality behind the screens. In relation to this reality, Colombian craftsman Camilo Matiz committed his fine art series called “Here Not There” to this selfie culture. It includes a progression of light figures that show a message to the watcher yet mirror the genuine message through the mirror behind. Through and through, it is a significant and allegorical message to this generation. Investigate the display underneath toes Matiz’s series, and don’t forget to look at Avant Gallery for a greater amount of his work.

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