Can You Tone Your Hair Twice?

Can You Tone Your Hair Twice?

Do you want to know how Can You Tone Your Hair Twice? your hair blonde at home?

You can do it yourself (DIY) and tone your hair a pretty blonde at home using Wella toner.

Can You Tone Your Hair Twice?

Below are frequently asked questions about toning your hair at home.

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DIY Toning Hair at Home – Toner Instructions and Questions

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How do I tone hair at home?

How to Tone Toning Hair Twice at Home – Without Bleaching Hair First

Home to Tone Hair At Home – WITH Bleaching Hair First

What volume developer should I use with Wella toner?

I recommend volume 20 developer. This will “lift” or lighten your hair color by one to two levels.

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Volume 10 developer is the weakest and volume 30 and 40 developer is a bit strong!

How often can I tone my hair with Wella T18?

I recommend toning your hair every month with Wella T18.

More often and you risk damaging your hair. Waiting more than 6 weeks you risk having your roots show or your hair start to become too brassy, orange, or yellow.

How often should I tone my hair?

Every 4-6 weeks.

What do I need to tone my hair at home?

Ingredients to Tone Hair at Home

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You’ll need a good Wella toner, volume 20 developer, and an application bottle.

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Should I tone my hair before dying it pink?

No! If you want light pink hair though, you will need to bleach your hair first.

Should I tone my hair before dying it blue?

No! If you want light blue hair though, you will need to bleach your hair first.

Should I tone my hair after bleaching it?

Yes! Usually you bleach your hair (make it lighter in color until it is bright yellow light a banana peel) and then one it.

You can also tone your hair without bleaching it first, but your hair color won’t end up as blonde like the picture on the Wella toner box.

Should I tone my hair wet?

Usually – yes. Usually you apply toner to slightly damp or wet hair, but you don’t need to.

I didn’t get my hair wet when making this video.

How long should I keep toner on?

Keep toner on your hair for 20-30 minutes. Don’t do more than that!

The first time you are toning your hair at home, you may want to do only 15 minutes to be safe.

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Can I Tone My Hair Twice in one day? Can I tone my hair the following day?

I would not recommend it. Toning your hair too much will damage.

How do I rinse toner out of my hair?

Simply rinse out hair with a sulfate-free conditioner.

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