Fed Up With Rude Customers Bar Owner Puts Out A Brilliant Sign, And Things Immediately Got Better

We as a whole realize that things like competition, target market, and costs are factors that influence how a specific item is estimated, yet have you at any point seen an item cost dependent on the disposition of the customer? We’ve heard nothing like that until the owner of CUPS Coffee and Tea in Roanoke, Austin Simms, thought of a splendid drive of conveying a message to the general public by unexpectedly estimating his item, in light of the amiability of the customer. This thought came from a person tired of discourteous individuals, who seem as they don’t care a whole lot about the bartenders behind the counters. Austin is putting it out there as an update that a little exertion of making proper acquaintance, and kindly, can make a great deal of distinction in a specialist’s day.


Austin Simms, a café owner in Roanoke, NC, was tired of discourteous customers, and that powered his drive to make a splendid 3-line message that will manage it once and for all.

He felt the great need of addressing the issue by charging more for the individuals who didn’t take the time and work to connect with individuals behind the counter by saying a straightforward hi, and requesting their orders obligingly.

Austin sends society the message that a little exertion could make a colossal contrast with a couple of expressions of this sign.

The sign promptly circulated the web, and his shop was overflowing with media men needing to get a scoop about the splendid character. This is one news that merits attention and is definitely worth the offer.

Austin accepts this could begin a chain reaction and influence the world by such straightforward motion. If you’re a concerned resident like Austin, how about we assist him with spreading this reason, one espresso mug at a time.

Watch this video and offer this post to participate in this virtuoso drive and desire to cause an adjustment of the world.


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