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At the Penguin Store, we take special times of year very seriously. That is because we love to decorate, spruce up, look for gifts, and, above all, spend time with friends and family.

Since we love getting bubbly for Halloween, we realize that decorating is the most effective way to commend the creepy season. It’s your opportunity to go all-out on the lights, inflatables, and animatronics —yet remember the fog machine! Regardless of whether you’re transforming your home into an epic mysterious place or you need the creepiest front yard on the square, a mini fog machine is an ideal accessory for the most spooky evening of the year.

What To Consider

We compared a dozen fog machines based on what we considered to be the best spookiest, easiest to use, and best performing mini fog machine. To isolate the best from the rest, we filtered through the models, looked at their specifications and highlights, and understood customer and article reviews.

When looking for a smoke machine, the main thing you’ll have to factor in is how enormous a space you’re attempting to fog up. Our rundown of the best fog machines highlights models that disperse shifting measures of fog. Our suggested models heat the quickest but assuming you have a great deal of ground to cover, make certain to buy a model with an enormous tank to store fog juice (yes, that is a thing).

No fog machine investment would be complete without buying fog juice, which is the thing that’s used to make the fog. Yet, don’t worry — we’ve also suggested the best fog squeeze that DJs and spooky place proprietors appreciate.

Please continue reading to see our top picks and get ready to decorate your home with creepy fog this Halloween.


ADJ Fury 1000 II Fog Machine

Output: 4,000 cubic feet of fog per minute
Tank Size: 0.9 liters

You can certainly observe fog machines for a large portion of the cost of this one, but those financial plan smoke machine probably won’t endure over the long run. This model features a vastly improved siphon that won’t obstruct as effectively as less expensive models, a superior grade warming component and a yoke for divider mounting. It produces 4,000 cubic feet of fog each moment, holds 30 ounces of water-based fog and warms up in less than 5 minutes.

Our main complaint with this mini smoke machine is that you need to hold the traditional on its rear or wired remote to create fog. Strangely, this is an issue with pretty much every customer-grade fog machine. In any case, this one is still one of the most solid and easy-to-use fogging machine available.

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1byone 400-Watt Fog Machine

Output: 2,000 cubic feet of fog per minute
Tank Size: 
0.3 liters

This will be the best fundamental fog machine for under $40, and it’s amazingly solid for the price. It yields 2,000 cubic feet of fog each moment, and albeit that is half as much as our best overall pick, this one works significantly better than a few other financial plan choices. It has a distance of more than 8 feet, which is noteworthy given its reasonable cost.

It’s worth focusing on the fog this unit makes disperse very high rather than on the floor. Assuming you need fog that waits for longer, we suggest going a little overboard for a more costly model, assuming you can manage its cost. The machine requires 5 minutes to warm up, holds 10 ounces of water-based fog, and incorporates a 6.5-foot-long wired controller.

This choice is appropriate for indoor use only and is upheld by a 90-day guarantee.

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Tengchang XFMOTO DJ Smoke Machine

Output: 18,000 cubic feet of fog per minute
Tank Size: 2 liters

This mini fog machine is ideal for delivering genuine scares this Halloween. It has 1,500 watts of force, is furnished with a 2-liter tank, and has a fog result of 18,000 cubic feet per moment. The best-selling JDR mini smoke machine only has a 2,000 cubic foot yield for the well-being of correlation.

This choice incorporates a remote controller that you can use to control the measure of fog and change the shade of the machine’s nine LED lights. Considering its larger size and limit, the XFMOTO smoke machine requires 8 minutes to warm up. When it’s prepared to disperse the fog, it gives it a great 20 feet.

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TC-Home 900-Watt Fog Machine

Output: 5,000 cubic feet of fog per minute
Tank Size: 
1.5 liters

Tragically, most high-volume small fog machine that give a nonstop result of fog cost upwards of $400. Assuming you’re looking for a fog machine that is significantly less expensive than that and doesn’t take too long even to consider re-energizing, you ought to settle on this model from TC-Home.

The organization’s fog machine costs under $60 and requires only 4 minutes to preheat. It offers an amazing fog-splashing distance of 20 feet and covers 5,000 cubic feet of ground each moment. The best part is that this choice incorporates a remote controller.

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ADJ VF Volcano Vertical Fog Machine

Output: 5,000 cubic feet of fog per minute
Tank Size: 
1 liter

The ADJ VF Volcano is a reduced and incredible mini smoke machine that blends tones from its incorporated LEDs to make an emotional impact. Since it shoots fog up like a fountain at the press of a button, it’s the ideal fog machine to horrify any individual who cruises by.

This supportive-grade small fog machine has a very high result, legitimizing its exorbitant cost point. It functions admirably both inside and outside and incorporates a remote. It requires 6 minutes to warm up and has advantageous LED lights to tell you when it’s ready. There’s also a liquid pointer for verifying how much fog juice it has left.

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Fog Worx Extreme High Density Fog Juice (1 Gallon)

Compatibility: 400-1,500 watt machines
1 gallon

Unfortunately, most models do not come with any fog juice when you purchase a fog machine. This water-based arrangement is probably all you need to juice up your new smoke machine and is compatible with 400–1,500-watt mist machines.

Best of all, Fog Worx is produced using natural fixings with drug-grade synthetic compounds to create a high-thickness fog with magnificent hang time and scattering. Make sure you purchase a jug when you get your machine!

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