Homophobe Women Complain About A Lesbian Couple Kissing In The Pool, Get The Response They Deserve

A brand-new online video clip caught a lot of homophobes chatting a stroll of pity at the Kimpton resort pool in Sacramento. The video footage shared by The Black Bay Location media reveals infuriated swimming pool guests storming off after purportedly telling, “a queer black woman … quit kissing her sweetheart in the pool because there were youngsters present!” Yet the visitors were not buying right into any of this homophobic BS, as they accused the qualified ‘white celebration’ out of the Kimpton swimming pool.

The event did not remain undetected, capturing the attention of 109,577 people on Instagram, consisting of celebs like comedian Kathy Griffin. At The Same Time, Alex Sanchez, the supervisor of Sacramento LGBTQ+ Community Center, suggests that the video discloses a double standard when it concerns LGBTQ+ and heterosexual relationships.

Regretfully, the homophobic assault took place during Satisfaction Month, which is an attractive possibility for the LGBTQ+ area and its friends and families to celebrate their identifications and elevate recognition of the discrimination they face.

This video footage of homophobic guests being shamed out of the Kimpton resort swimming pool after they demanded that a lesbian pair stop kissing has gone viral

The video clip CBS13 first reported on Tuesday reveals the results of what happened after a team of white ladies supposedly informed a queer Black couple to quit kissing in front of their youngsters. The reaction of the fellow guests at the pool was dubbed ‘invaluable’ online as they shamed the harasses out of the resort.

But Alex Sanchez, the supervisor of advocacy and training at Sacramento LGBTQ+ Recreation center, believes the video highlights a double standard when it involves LGBTQ+ and heterosexual partnerships.

” Being transgender, being a Latinx lady, I always have that in the back of my mind, am I safe here? I wish to hold my companion’s hand in some cases; however, I do not constantly really feel comfy because I don’t wish to reveal us to physical violence,” said Sanchez on CBS Citizen Sacramento.

The case has likewise caught comic Kathy Lion’s attention

Image credits: Kathy griffin

Another individual kept in mind that the case at the Kimpton pool is reminiscent of a strike from 57 years ago when a white man put acid in a swimming pool full of civil rights activists

Image credit scores: darylsturgis


And this is what other individuals had to say regarding the incident and such inhuman behavior.


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