How to Bleach Hair at Home – 5 Easy Step by Step Instructions

Bleach your hair first before applying a toner to make it blonde.

This tutorial will help you with How to Bleach Hair to Tone it. If your hair is really light, you can dye it blonde without bleaching it, but I wouldn’t recommend it for darker hair.

Find out how to bleach your hair at home. You can do it without going to a salon.

How to Bleach Hair at Home Before Applying Toner – How to Guide and Instructions

To learn how to bleach my hair at home, follow these simple steps.

Test with a Sample of Hair First

Before bleaching and toning your hair at home, TEST on a strand of hair. You only need to test once.

So my mother plucked off hair from the back of my head (where no one can see it!) Then we toned and bleached one strand of hair to test it.

Step 1: Buy the Supplies to Bleach Your Hair at Home

Supplies to Bleach Your Hair at Home

To bleach your hair at home, you’ll need the following Sally’s or Amazon items.

  • Bleach Tint Brush: Amazon.
  • Sally’s purple hair color mixing bowl
  • Gloves: SalonCare or latex gloves.

Buy a set on Amazon. A hair dye color kit includes the tint brush, mixing dish, and gloves.

Hair Bleaching Kit from Amazon

Hair Bleaching Kit from Amazon

  • Spritz bottle I use a $3 Sally’s applicator bottle. Amazon also has an applicator bottle.
  • PrismLites Blue Powder (Buy 1 oz.)
SalonCare Prism Lights Bleach

SalonCare Prism Lights Bleach

  • Developer. Salon Care 20 v dev. It’s on Amazon.
  • Put on a shower cap. Produits de lavage
  • A T-Shirt You Can Ruin!
  • Get a toner after bleaching your hair! Unless you want banana-colored hair!)

Step 2: Apply Bleach to Hair.

Apply Bleach (1 Scoop Bleach to 2 Scoops Developer)

  • In a mixing dish, combine 1 scoop Prism Lights Blue and 2 scoops SalonCare 20 volume developer.
  • Wear gloves.
  • Bleach your hair roots.
  • Apply the bleach mixture to the back of your hair with gloves.

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Step 3: Put on Shower Cap and Wait 25-30 Minutes.

  • After adding the bleach, wait 25-30 minutes with a plastic shower cover.

Step 4: Rinse Out Bleach with Shampoo

  • Dispose of the shower cap.
  • Relax if after 25-30 minutes your hair becomes blue or green!

Here’s a video of what your hair will look like after 25 minutes.

  • Rinse the bleach off with shampoo in the shower.
  • (It needn’t be purple.)
  • Sulfate-free shampoo from L’Oreal

Yellow Hair: Washing out bleach leaves your hair brilliant yellow. This is fantastic news!

Bright Yellow Hair after Rinsing Out Bleach

Step 5: Add Toner to Hair

  • Apply Toner after Bleaching Hair
  • After finishing steps 1-4, your hair is ready for toner!
  • You may use any Wella toner color. I love Wella T27 and T35.

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