John Frieda Purple Shampoo Reviews – 10 Reasons It’s the Best for Going Brunette

Have you ever read john frieda purple shampoo reviews? If not then you’ve come to the right place. Purple shampoo does not work for everyone. There are others who swear by it and claim that it was their savior, but even they admit that there’s a catch. Purple shampoo can be quite drying to the hair, so you need to use a deep conditioning treatment after using it.

Whether you’re looking to update your locks or find a product that will give you the kind of hair you always dreamed of, there are so many shampoos on the market right now it’s hard to know what’s best. We’ve looked at the best of different hair products and have narrowed them down into our top five based on their performance, price, and overall customer satisfaction.

John Frieda Purple Shampoo Reviews – Best Brunette Coloring Treatment

Find out why I adore this hair color in the following 10 reasons. No need to dye your hair or travel to a costly hairdresser to get a brunette!

10 Reasons to Love the John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Color Treatment

Why I enjoy this at-home blonde-to-brown treatment: Here are some John Frieda Purple Shampoo Reviews.

1. It’s quick!

Changing from blonde to brunette doesn’t take 3 hours. It simply takes 10-15 minutes.

2. It’s easy.

It’s dummy-proof! Simply dampen hair. Rinse after 10-15 minutes.

3. It fades nicely.

No need to worry about thinning hair. The therapy diminishes after 2-3 weeks.

4. It’s a great color.

No need to use a brunette/brown treatment and hate the results! The John Frieda color treatment is lovely.

5. It smells great.

Everyone wants to smell like they just spent $300 at a salon.

6. You can control the color.

Want to go a shade darker? 5 minutes John Frieda on hair Want it even darker? 15 minutes on.

7. It lasts 2-3 weeks.

Great for women (like me!) who become sick of their hair color.

8. No damage.

Simple as that.

9. Two uses per bottle.

Because…who doesn’t love a hair product where you can stretch its use?

10. You can change your mind.

Hate the brunette look? It will wash out after 2-3 weeks. Want to dye your hair red instead, or go blonde? You can go ahead and do it after using John Frieda Blue Shampoo because it doesn’t damage your hair!

Where to Buy John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Color Treatment Online

Amazon sells the John Frieda Brilliant Brunette color treatment.

John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Visibly Deeper Color Deepening Treatment

About This Item

  •  Intensify your color in just 5 minutes with our color deepening treatment designed for all shades of brunette hair.
  • This blend of ingredients was specifically designed to elevate your brunette color and give you indulgent shades of brunette hair.
  • Dare to go darker with John Frieda. Test our product, see results after just one use.
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Customers Review
Review By ~Allisson: These are the before and after pictures. I’ve read john frieda purple shampoo reviews and then bought this product. My highlights were getting super ashy, I had a party and of course, didn’t have time to go to the salon. This thing definitely made my hair look better, the smell is so nice and my hair feels so soft. **UPDATE** This product does work but after using it another couple of times, my hair got dry, so make sure you use a good conditioner to keep it hydrated.

Review By ~KristieSo I am not one to normally review products on Amazon but I had to leave this here. I’ve also read john frieda hair color review. Lockdown has my hair a mess. Let’s just say I got blonde and purple put into my hair back in January and it’s not pretty now. I am dying to go back to my original color and nothing has been working. While waiting for my overtone to come in…Read More

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