Little Girl Mistakes Bride For The Princess From Her Favorite Book, And Her Reaction Is Pure Perfection

The stars adjusted for this fortunate little girl as she saw her favourite fantasy wake up. During Scott Robertson and Candace Lurma’s wedding back in February, a little girl strolled by and mistook Shandace as the Princess of her favourite book, and her response was probably the most flawless thing a human can witness. The wedding’s photographer, Stephanie Cristalli, got each and every feeling of that second. “Your better half is forever the Princess of Ballard to her,” the girl’s mother told Scott. Investigate the photos beneath and watch the enchanted wake up in this little girl’s face.

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The fantasy bride and man of the hour, Scott Robertson and Candace Burma, wedded back in February

During their photo shoot, a little girl and her mother strolled by. The little girl mistook the bride as the Princess in her fantasy book!

“The little girl thought my lovely spouse was the Princess from her favorite book (the one she’s holding).”

The bride handed her a rose from her bouquet.

The expression on the little girl’s face was the most flawless thing of all time.

Fantasies do work out here and there.


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