Man Finds A Family Of Mice In His Garden, Builds Them A Tiny Village To Live In

Simon Dell, a natural life photographer from Sheffield, United Kingdom, was taking pictures of birds in his garden, when he spotted an adorable little house mouse standing on the grassy ground. He realized he was unable to miss the chance, so he came up with the brightest idea. With the intent of protecting the mouse from neighboring cats, and providing superb backdrops for his new subjects, Simon fashioned a house for the small mouse, that he named George. He fabricated him a quite functional house made from piles of logs, old fruits, and vegetables. It didn’t take long for George to see the wonderful house Simon made, and he was glad to move there with his kindred mice That Simon named Mildred and Mini. Take a glance at Simon’s great photographs of George and his little family, while having a great time in their comfortable, new home. Assuming you want to see more photos, drop by Simon’s Facebook account, or visit his RedBubble page to look at some mice merchandise. (h/t)

Meet the tiny mice family enjoying Simon’s awesome creation as their new home.

At first, the mice were still somewhat shy, however when they became used to their host, they’d look their noses out as Simon visits and hands them peanuts.

Because of the additional family members, Simon expanded their residence and transformed it into a little village using berries, miniature items, and even ladders for easy access.


The log houses were specially made with 2-3 exits, so they could easily navigate around the small mice village.

In addition to the fact that George feeds them for his photos he also does it so they wouldn’t have to chase outside and put their lives at risk.

Sometimes Mini peeks through her opening, waiting for extra peanuts.

The story of how George, Mildred, and Mini became permanent occupants of Simon’s garden circulated online, and the hearts of many were smitten.

It drove fans to leave magnificent comments on his photos, commending him for the adoption of the tiny family, and for creating a beautiful village for them all.

As time passed by, the tiny village developed along with the addition of 2 additional male mice that just moved to it.

As of late, Mildred was looking pregnant and Simon couldn’t be more glad to invite additional members to his little village this coming Christmas.

It looks like it will be an exceptionally cheerful Christmas for George and his family, and it also means more beautiful photos for Simon to take.


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