Owlet And Kitten Meet In A Coffee Shop And Become Best Friends

We’ve seen various types of creature couples previously. However, we bet you haven’t seen anything like this yet. We are discussing the couple of Fuku the owlet and Marimo the cat. Both are seen coexisting with one another well at the Hukulou café in Osaka, Japan. This coffeehouse is a creature-themed bistro like the feline and canine restaurants and the latest and surprising bunny, goat, and owl cafes, which has turned into an overall pattern in the most recent couple of years.

Even though it is legal to own and own owls, many Japanese households do not allow pets. Security insurances have been retained in the cafe for the government’s help with the owls, similar to the prohibition of gleam photography and loud clamours. Regardless, these two don’t seem to mind the crowd as they get to know one another and get comfortable while nestled in such a beautiful sight as shown in the photographs below.











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