Plus-Size Models Ask Photographer To Make Them Skinny, Reveal How Much Photoshop Can Change Your Body

Nowadays, it’s hard to inform what’s genuine and what’s not. A lot of the images that we see in social media or publications have been more or less modified using image editing and enhancing software programs that have been placing unrealistic beauty criteria in our heads and slowly misshaping our understanding of reality itself. However, some individuals refuse to bear with this and intend to open people’s eyes to the truth.

Two lovely plus-size designs, Diana Sirokai and Callie Thorpe teamed up with expert photographer Karizza to demonstrate how the media takes picture control to various degrees. Diana and Callie had their photo taken, and also Karizza used photoshop to make severe body image edits.

” I have to say we look Amazing both ways,” Diana composed on her Instagram post. “The purpose of this was to reveal to you all how publications and the media take editing to a various degree. Designs and also celebrities do not also resemble themselves in those photoshopped images. We stay in such a fake globe. It’s time to bring real back. Own that you are as well as a kill!”

Please take a look at the previous and after pictures of the stunning females below, and let us know what you think.


These two gorgeous girls, Callie left-wing and Diana on the right, are determined to show how publications and the media takes editing and enhancing to a different level.


They asked a specialist photographer to use photoshop on their bodies to show how much can be altered using computer software.


The same blog post showed the original picture motivating individuals to “Own who you are and also slaughter.”

This was not the very first time these ladies spread the body positivity message.

Last month Diana shared a photo of her body beside Kim Kardashian with an equipping note– “We are both females with different bodies.”

The essential message of these girls is that everybody ought to enjoy themselves, and that’s something that everybody can get behind.

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