Revlon ColorStay Overtime Review – Why I Own this Lip Gloss in 5+ Colors

Revlon ColorStay Overtime Review – Why I Own this Lip Gloss in 5+ Colors

I’ve spent years looking for the finest lipstick and pharmacy lip gloss that one last the whole day.

Most lipsticks wear off following two hours, require an exact application, or are excessively matte.

After almost abandoning lipsticks and tolerating the existence of chapstick, I saw that my neighbor had the best lips – consistently. Thank God, I did, after I asked her what she uses.

She depends on Revlon ColorStay Overtime, and presently I do as well.

Revlon ColorStay Overtime Lip Gloss Review

Revlon ColorStay Overtime

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Revlon ColorStay Overtime Review: Reasons Why I Like It

Here’s why I like Revlon ColorStay 24/7 lip gloss and yet it deserves 5/5 stars in my audit:

1. It’s glossy

It’s gleaming. It’s glamorous but not overly shiny, so it’s good for both work as well as a night out.

2. It remains on

It STAYS on. Without a doubt. I need to utilize a cosmetics eliminating wipe around evening time to take it off.

3. It’s modest

It costs under $15 and sometimes under $10.

4. It comes in many tones

It comes in 10+ shadings, so you can track down your ideal shade of shading.

5. It is not so difficult to buy on the web

You can think that it is on Amazon, Target, or Walmart on the web!

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Revlon ColorStay Overtime Review – The Negatives

This is the part of the Revlon ColorStay Overtime lip gloss that I don’t like.

1. It gets cakey

It becomes cakey. If you use it after lip gloss, it will become cakey; nevertheless, if you put it before chapstick, it’ll not become cakey.

2. The gloss messes it up

It’s messed up by the gloss. It’s half-clear and half glass. This is something to be thankful for, yet the unmistakable gloss is superfluous and it messes it up in the event that you apply it on top of the shading.

3. It’s difficult to eliminate

You need to utilize cosmetics eliminated to get it off around evening time. This thing stays on!

Revlon ColorStay Overtime Lip Gloss Best in Colors

These tones are my FAVORITE tones! Here is my Revlon ColorStay Overtime survey of the best tones.

1. Continue To become flushed

This tone is a great, delicate pink.

2. Limitless Mulberry

This is a marginally purple tint; ideal for a night out. I hold this for the evening as it were.

3. Unending Spice

Spices that never run out This is my preferred option. It’s slightly glossy, delicate in look, and a mix of red, purple, and coral. This is my go-to.

4. Unfathomable Nude

The names portray this one impeccably. Unfathomable bare is, well – naked. This is what I wear for sports or if I need a neutral look as I rush out the door. It adds a fly of shading, without being excessively clear you are wearing Revlon colorstay overtime lipstick.

5. Lasting Peach

This tone is so normal-looking and glad. I used to cherish “Continually Coral” the most and presently I like this tone the most.

Revlon ColorStay Overtime Review – My Best Favorite Colors

These tones are nice, however they aren’t my top pick.

1. Continuously Sienna

It’s excessively dim!

2. No Coffee Break

Additionally excessively dim!

3. Continually Coral

This USED to be my cherished shading, and it is as yet a GREAT decision!

This is a lively, glad, radiant red shade.

It very well may be somewhat splendid and a lot for me. I used to adore it, and presently I don’t.

Revlon Colorstay Lip Gloss Overtime Swatches

So here are some examples to help you in selecting the right color.

Revlon ColorStay Overtime Colors by Color Family

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Perennial Peach is my favorite!

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Premium Lipstick Brands to Try

I’m by and by exceptionally exacting with regards to my lipsticks. I disdain the matte lipsticks that look phony. The two different brands that I love are YSL and Chanel.

I claimed the YSL lipsticks #5 shiny staining and used this every day. It was prescribed to me by a Nordstrom cosmetics craftsman.

#5 – Red Vintage ($37) YVES Gaultier lip gloss

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The Chanel Rouge Coco Ultra Hydrating Lip colourstay overtime is a good red lipstick choice well as.

Chanel Lip Colour #440 ($38)

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Blush for Blondes and Fair Skin Best in Market

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The Best Pink Blush for Fair Skin

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Hint – it’s by NARS!


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