Since Nobody Would Buy His Mosul Photos, This Photographer Put Them Online For Free, And They Are Just Amazing

Among every one of the specialities in photography, being a war photographic artist is undoubtedly the riskiest, and notwithstanding this, the opposition between professionals isn’t any less furious.

Washington-based photographic artist Kainoa Little recorded the battles in Mosul in April 2017 between Islamic State aggressors and the Iraqi Federal Police who attempted to free the city.

Kainoa took spectacular shots of the fights and emotional portraits of the refugees fleeing the fire. Still, the opposition was challenged to deal with whatever he really could not find out where to sell his pictures, so he decided to share them for free on Imgur.

Look down to see his fantastic symbolism, and investigate his site to see more of his work, both from Mosul and other struggle zones.

1. Exiles escaping the fighting.


2. Government Police trad fire with Islamic State across the theatre.

3. Lady evades holding her young child.

4. Government Police fire at Islamic State positions toward the finish of the road in the Old City.

5. Government Police plan for battle in the Old City. This machine heavy weapons specialist is organizing his ammunition.

6. Outcasts were waiting to cross the Tigris River.

7. A man and his girl escaping.

8. A lady gains from Dave Eubank her child will endure his injury.


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