Someone Collects Celebrity Doppelgangers And Here Are 30 Of The Best Ones

People aren’t as distinct as they intend to believe. Nearly all people have remained in a situation where we’re walking around the community, and also we find a person who looks exactly like a friend of ours. Or even us. It’s a highly peculiar sensation to realize that we’re not the only ones. That there goes to the very least a single person around that is our duplicate. Our double. Our doppelganger.

Do you know what’s incredible? Looking much like a celebrity. Many other individuals think so, which is why they entered into the ‘Same de la Very same’ Instagram community devoted to sharing star lookalike pictures with the whole globe. We have selected a few of the best side-by-side comparison photos, so upvote the celebrity doppelgangers that left an impression, and share this message with your buddies to see whether they notice the pictures are popular apparitions as well as not the famous people themselves. And also, allow us to recognize in the comments what preferred to star your good friends assume you look like (for instance, several of my buddies think I look a bit like Keanu Reeves).

Bored Panda spoke with ‘Very same de la Same’s’ creator Freddy Slivinski to learn more regarding the neighborhood of popular replicas. Ensure to scroll down for our full thorough interview with him.

# 1 Lookalike And Shakira

” The general public that decides to follow me worths me for the work I carry out in the stage. They value the vocal singing and the expert dancing I do, yet on the day-to-day, they know that I am still Rebeca Maiellano, a Venezuelan singer and impersonator.”

# 2 Lookalike And Also Bryan Cranston/ Walter White

” I have been Heisenberg lookalike since 2015. I have fulfilled Bryan Cranston two times; I was misinterpreted for him in Albuquerque and obtained featured on the local information network. At the comic con, I occasionally obtain celebrities that intend to be photographed with me.”

# 3 Lookalike And Kim Jong Un

” Appearing like a ** hole has been one of the most effective points that have happened to me. People shock as well as horrified for the first 10 seconds after that normal laughter. Nevertheless, some individuals never transfer to the 2nd expression.”

31-year-old Freddy informed Bored Panda that he was birthed in Uruguay but relocated to Israel when he was 14. He got married a month ago as well as works as a copywriter. “I love to think of great and different ideas as well as to create new points. I wanted to develop an Instagram web page that everybody on the planet would certainly know about and to make it among the largest neighborhoods.”

# 4 Lookalike And Kate Moss

” There is just one Kate Moss, but it’s a satisfaction to be her lookalike. I keep busy taking a trip working for brand names, modeling, promotions, occasions life is an adventure.”

# 5 Lookalike And Simon Cowell

” I was found at The Isle of wight celebration in the VIP location as well as a person discussed the similarity. Since then had the advantage to work with Simon on three events, also take pleasure in being able to help numerous worthwhile charities considering that this started”

# 6 Lookalike And Katy Perry

” It’s such praise to be compared to Katy. I have constantly been such a big fan of her, so it certainly provides me self-confidence to be compared to a person I look up to.”

” I assumed a great deal concerning different concepts for different pages as well as instantly I remember a video game that I used to have fun with my twin brother that we liked to play. The video game considered people on the street, shopping mall, beach, or other places and located famous people who appear like him. An unusual game, but it was enjoyable,” Freddy explained just how the suggestion for ‘Same de la Same’ involved him.

” When I remembered this game, I chose to develop a web page, an area of ‘real individuals’ that resemble celebs, singers, actors, athletes, political leaders, and various other famous people. When I produced the web page, I discovered these people’s impressive and also cool stories.”

# 7 Lookalike And Tom Cruise

” I have been doing this for nine years currently. It’s been an incredible trip. I do this full-time as work. Individuals truly enjoy taking pictures with me, although they recognize I’m the young variation. The fond memory is a solid feeling, and it brings people back in the 80s.”

# 8 Lookalike And Also Elton John

” It’s tremendous fun. A lot of individuals do a double-take which is constantly funny and valued. I went to Elton’s show in Leicester UK some years ago, and of course, I dressed as Elton and also got thronged by individuals all evening and also even needed to authorize a couple of autographs.”


# 9 Lookalike As Well As Meghan Markle

” I’m presently a steward, and also, ever since she was on Matches, people would certainly tell me I look like her. When she wed Prince Harry, it escalated. Individuals look at me and smile a whole lot; they quit and inform me that I appear like the new Princess Meghan Markle.”

Freddy continued to reveal what he found out about these celeb lookalikes: “I found the impressive life of lookalikes. They live like celebrities, like rock celebrities: they act in commercials, sing on shows, go on TV programs, they generate income just because of this. They resemble renowned stars, and also only because they look like them. So I determined that I desire everybody worldwide to understand their amazing tales. I wish to bring these amazing stories to the entire globe.”

When asked by Bored Panda the number of replicas he believes most of us have on Planet Earth, Freddy responded that there’s ‘at least’ 1 individual around somewhere who is practically our carbon copy: “I make certain that every person has an apparition which everyone can find some resemblance with a celebrity or a celebrity.”

# 10 Lookalike As Well As Robbie Williams

” I have been transforming heads for the most effective part of two decades currently, as well as you’ll constantly listen to a random yell of, “Robbie!” whether it be in an airport terminal, supermarket, or pub! I have satisfied RW himself, he’s always been very cool as well as helpful, and we just ended up chatting regarding football.”


# 11 Lookalike And Also Daniel Craig/ Representative 007

” It’s wonderful being mistaken for James Bond. I obtain stop in the street virtually whenever I head out. I have individuals wanting their pictures taken with me. I’ve even had some believing I was him. I like it as well as will never obtain fed up with it.”

# 12 Lookalike And Also Angelina Jolie

” Every time I obtain the comparison, whether it goes to work, running an errand, or online, it’s extremely flattering but likewise hard for me to think. I think she is stunning and never considered myself in that respect.”

Freddy and his close friends do not know what star he resembles. However, he hasn’t quit hope and also knows they’ll discover someone eventually: “When that occurs, I wish they will certainly discover some handsome as well as awesome star.”

Freddy additionally likes the concept of occasions where people compete to see who looks, acts and seems almost like a specific celeb. “It seems like so much enjoyable!”

# 13 Lookalike As Well As Benedict Cumberbatch

Throughout the year’s individuals have stated that I resemble Benedict. However, I downplayed it. After that, I cosplayed Dr. Strange at a Comic-Con and could not walk anywhere without being stopped for pictures!

# 14 Lookalike And Also Mila Kunis

” Face to face, so many individuals have claimed to me “you know who you appear like?” as well as I’ll constantly already recognize what they are about to say so I say (Mila Kunis) and afterward they always claim “that lady from that 70s program!”

# 15 Lookalike And John Lennon


” My similarity is something all-natural, yet I strive in my look (counterpart) equally. People get amazed and also delighted when they see me.”

” I discovered that fans and also people in general like lookalikes since it captivates them. As well as, of course, they like their stories because the fact is that every person imagines resembling stars as well as living like rock stars,” Freddy of ‘Same de la same’ mused.

Moreover, he had a message for all potential celebrity lookalikes: “Do not repent to send me a picture if you assume that you, your member of the family, or pal resemble a celeb. Perhaps you’ll discover that you truly appear like a celeb, and you will start living like a rock celebrity too. I wish to make a page that everyone understands in the world due to its uniqueness and exclusive web content, not just for the likes. I love to tell tales. I attempt to tell interesting tales concerning unique and also different individuals.”

# 16 Lookalike And Johnny Depp


” This Israeli male is popular for being the “Israeli Johnny Depp lookalike.”

# 17 Lookalike And Also Samuel L. Jackson


” I obtain individuals daily telling me I appear like Samuel L. Jackson. It’s amazing! I, in fact, did work with him as a photo dual as well as a stand-in.”

# 18 Lookalike And Jason Statham


” When individuals see me for the first time, they think that I’m the actual Jason Statham. Just at second look, they see the distinction. Additionally, a lot of individuals believe we are Doubles.”

# 19 Look-Alike And Also Álvaro Morte


” It’s fun to look like the Teacher from ‘La Casa de Papel’ since people constantly speak with me on the street, ask me for photos as well as want to make video clips with me to send to their buddies.”

# 20 Lookalike And Mariah Carrey


” When I make an appearance at an event as Mariah Carrey imitator, it’s such a wonderful experience. Everybody is always delighted to see someone in the similarity of the queen. People are constantly so typing as well as helpful.”

# 21 Lookalike As Well As Rihanna


” I like it when they claim I appear like her. Rihanna is a big motivation to me, therefore numerous other women all over the world. She’s wonderful! “

# 22 Lookalike As Well As Psy


” It’s an unusual and funny experience when I walk on the streets, specifically with sunglasses. Suddenly people begin relocating like the “Gangnam Design dancing” or use their cellular phone to take photos with me.”

# 23 Lookalike And Also Charlie Chaplin


” Given that 2006, I copy Charlie Chaplin as Little Tramp at occasions as well as celebrations. I devote myself every day to enhancing my characterization and performance. Individuals are delighted when they see me, and also, I provide a huge hug.”

# 24 Lookalike As Well As Justin Timberlake


” Individuals obtain excitement when they see me. For me, it’s an honor to look like somebody so enjoyed and appreciated by his followers. My hope is that I bring a little of that JT– ness to everybody I meet. I’m simply bringing attractive back.”

# 25 Lookalike As Well As Drake


” It’s remarkable to be so comparable to such a great and gifted musician like Drake. People enjoy taking photos with me. In bars and also celebrations, they go nuts when they see me as well as they always ask me to sing; it is hilarious.”

# 26 Lookalike And Andrew Lincoln/ Rick Grimes


” Excellent, god, it’s been a fantastic time; I have been reserved all over the world. I’m living an adventure most dream of, and also everybody loves Rick Grimes. I feel so fortunate and honored to have been given this unexpected opportunity and also had the nerve to go all out.”

# 27 Lookalike And Also Sansa Stark/ Game Of Thrones


” It began as a joke between my friends back in senior high school. I obtain the “Oh my gosh, you resemble that woman I watch on television” a lot. I’ve had people quit me on the street and request pictures. I had a person when yelling out of his automobile at me. That was intense, lol.”

# 28 Lookalike As Well As Selena Gomez


” I don’t do anything to look like her; it always makes me kinda uncomfortable whenever individuals tell me that I appear like Selena Gomez. When I was more youthful, I got informed I appeared like her a whole lot now barely, so I’m pleased keeping that”

# 29 Lookalike And Mike Myers/ Austin Powers


” It’s very groovy to look like Austin, especially considering that without the costume, I look NOTHING like him!”

# 30 Lookalike As Well As Leo Messi

” It’s an honor to look like the most effective football player in history. It’s remarkable when individuals request selfies with me, and it’s so unusual; however, individuals assume I’m the actual Messi. I’m the Israeli Messi”

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