Stray Cats Found These Holes And Now They Are Having The Time Of Their Lives

Nyan Kichi is a Japanese photographer famous on Instagram for his beautiful cat photos. A portion of his most famous work portrays stray cats having the time of their lives by playing with drain pipe holes. The cats love having him around, that they are even hotshot with some jumping and leaping stunts whenever Kichi appears. They are such a delight to see, and they bring to life the arcade game called Whac-A-Mole. Take a gander at Nyan Kichi’s fascinating shots underneath, and look at his Instagram account for more cat photos.


This is where Kichi and his cat friends hang out for a photo session.

Each time he comes, these stray cats gather around for a little show.

It’s something we seldom witness inroads, yet all the same, it’s entertaining.

It involves squeezing in and out of drainpipe holes, and it appears to be a ton of fun.

See them leap through the air like majestic beings.

These cats don’t have toys to play with.

So they make their kind of fun.

They made the entire road their playground, and it seems as though no toy can compare with their delight.

Simple living is the way to go for these cats.

And they’re definitely living the life.


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