Sydney Police Department Hired A Meme Team For Their Facebook Page, And It’s Just Hilarious

In life, we must believe everything with some hesitancy and a sense of humor to ease things up. Sometimes no one but chuckling can ease the tension and keep despair under control in critical and difficult situations. With the latest thing in memes and companies using them in web-based campaigns, more sectors get on and bounce into the fad, including Australia’s New South Wales Police Force. It may be difficult to accept given the severe idea of their work, yet these policemen have extreme wit and humor. Investigate our favorite picks underneath and look at their Facebook page for additional.

(h/t: distractify)

1. NSWPF’s “Say no more” version

2. That time, they ran into Justin Bieber


4. Of course, some sarcasm spices things up. Individuals have been remarking on their hilarious posts, and they have a developing number of fans!






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