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If you’re looking to add some summery atmosphere to your open-air environment, a collection of tiki torches can do the work. Additionally, they are referred to as “open-air,” “backyard,” or “garden torches.”

For this review, we restricted our search for the best outdoor glass tiki torches to Amazon, focusing on reviewer feedback that details the torches’ lifespan, style, convertible features, and any safety concerns. Due to the variety of convertible configurations available, our selections include versions that are staked into the ground, can be positioned on a tabletop tiki torch, and are even flameless.

Make a point of snatching some citronella torch fuel to keep the bugs at bay, and layout the border of your next socially removed open-air gathering with these first-class glass tiki torch.

 Manager’s Note: The term “tiki” comes with the Mori people. It has a complex history that goes back to the beverage industry’s exploitation of Polynesian and Pacific Islander culture. While we will continue to use the term “peruser” in this article because it is the most frequently used term for our item class, we believe it is critical to acknowledge the way of life from which this term came for our viewers.

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Island King Flame Tiki Torch

4.5 out of 5 stars 1,304 ratings

Light up the scene by wrapping a couple of these steel outdoor torches around your terrace area. The reviewers praised their clean, sophisticated appearance and the fact that their wicks produce a big, fantastic fire that will not go out in the breeze.

This big, bold torch has a contemporary metal frame with a weather-resistant gunmetal finish. Its uniquely designed torch bowl keeps the flame burning bright, even in the wind.

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Glass Honeycomb Tiki Torch

4.6 out of 5 stars 157 ratings

This three-in-one metal and glass open-air torch contains 17 ounces of fuel and includes a built-in snuffer for simple stifling.

It can be used as a tabletop tiki torch, set into the ground, or mounted onto the provided footrest to add a touch of glitter to any place.

This torch features a stylish metal design & blue glass fuel vessel, a convertible 4-piece pole, a long-lasting wick & metal snuffer to safely extinguish the flame when the party’s over.

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Solar Pathway Lights

4.7 out of 5 stars 8,311 ratings

These climate-safe flashing path lights provide the environment of a tiki lighting without the threat of a fire (or your fuel supply).

These solar tiki torches, which come in a set of four, charge during the day and may last up to 12 hours at a time. Stick them into the ground near your pool or along the perimeter of your yard to enjoy the light show after the sunsets.

Waterproof and Durable, withstand all kinds of weather all around the year.

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Molded Glass Table Torches

4.7 out of 5 stars 6,842 ratings

You do not need a huge, beautiful lawn to enjoy the environment. This trio of formed glass garden torches illuminates a table while simultaneously keeping the mosquitoes away for up to 5 hours. Reviewers appreciate the beauty and durability of their cotton wicks.

For over 60 years, we’ve been manufacturing outdoor glass tiki torch to illuminate your yard or garden, as well as candles, wicks, stakes, stands, torch fuel, and other lighting accessories.

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Resin Jar 4-in-1 Torch

4.6 out of 5 stars 1,097 ratings

This beautiful open-air lamp can be used in four different ways. Customers can place the torch in the ground at two different heights, cut it to fit their yard gate, or set the topmost torch piece on a table to function as a citronella light during outdoor suppers. The container has a capacity of 12 ounces of liquid, based on a five-drawn consumption.

We continue to advance outdoor lighting innovation with stylish designs and goods such as mosquito repellent torch fuels, adjustable flame Table Torches, and Citronella candle buckets.

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Adjustable Flame Teal Torch

4.8 out of 5 stars 500 ratings

This fantastic tiki torch is built of metal and shaped like blue glass, which appears to glitter when lit. The level of light may be adjusted by turning the handle next to it, and several reviews note that this feature also assists in conserving the cotton wick from excessive mileage.

The 8-inch reservoir can also be unplugged and placed on a desk if you wish to enjoy the fire’s brightness up close.

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Bronze Pineapple Torch (Glass)

4.6 out of 5 stars    304 ratings

This pineapple-shaped torch has a 15-hour burn period and may be displayed at a 50-inch or 65-inch height. You can even remove the top of the 35-ounce pineapple and use it as a tabletop tiki torch centrepiece.

The rock-solid gum top on this modern torch doubles as a fire snuffer.

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Herringbone Glass Tabletop Torch (Set of 3)

4.7 out of 5 stars    1,854 ratings

Without a backyard? Ignore it! These table torches may accompany you everywhere you can safely sit outside on a solid, level surface. The exterior of this trio of torches is decorated in a herringbone pattern.

They give 4 hours of burn time and feature re-light-able fibreglass wicks.

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FLTORCH4 Solar-Powered Torches (Set of 4)

    4.4 out of 5 stars    1,764 ratings

Opt for this solar tiki torches, flameless model if you’re looking for a low-maintenance garden torch. It will not repel insects, but it will always glow brilliantly.

Every torch is made of plastic and features a solar panel on top that charges during the day and provides a flickering fire throughout the night that buyers describe as realistic.

It is available in groups of two, four, and eight, and it is an excellent long-haul option if you require backyard torches that can be left out all year without fear of collapsing or causing a fire.

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Bamboo Torches (Set of 6)

4.5 out of 5 stars    1,515 ratings

If you’re looking for a great bulk set at an exceptional price, this is the tiki lighting set for you. The exterior is made of bamboo wood and is finished in a dark brown hue. Every torch is equipped with a snuffer linked by a string, and the burners are all fibreglass and suitable for infinite use.

Numerous customers love their breezy style and point out that most of their attractiveness comes from their wooden form. Reviewers who have left these glass tiki torches outside in bad weather have noted that the state worsens; as a result, we’d recommend removing these bamboo torches before the onset of a downpour.

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