Problem: I shower in lower leg deepwater because my drain is continually clogged.

Solution: A TubShroom does the two-section occupation of catching all your hair before it stops up to your sink — and concealing that hair until you’re prepared to exhaust it.

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In the 9 years that I’ve lived in my Brooklyn loft, I’ve been blessed with the favorable luck of never having had a significant plumbing circumstance on my hands. However, I’ve risked everything by declining to claim an unclogger. The main retaliation I’ve endured is the constant stopping up of my tub and shower shroom drain. Fortunately, possessing a TubShroom couldn’t be a more exact fix.

What’s incredible with regards to the tub shroom is that it squeezes solidly into the shower drain and carefully gathers the hair that would have been trapped in plumbing purgatory, allowing you the opportunity to pop it out every two or three shower shroom and void the tangles of hair whenever it might suit you. And keeping in mind that it’s been great for my human strands, it works for creature hair as well!



It’s not the most pleasant task to pull up the tub shroom and throw out the crown of hair that has been collected, yet it is very fulfilling to get back to an unreservedly streaming drain. The one disadvantage is that it’s difficult to clean away the cleanser and cleanser buildup that waits and develops over the long run on the item, making it less proficient. (Even though I’ve been told a dishwasher cycle would tackle this!)

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The prodigies behind this LittleLifesaver have various drain-securing items and styles to match your sink and tub plan, so it doesn’t stand out excessively. I adore the tubshroom amazon!


TubShroom Tub Drain Protector

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