Water Butt

Water Butt collects rainwater runoff from rooftops that would otherwise go down the drain unused. This rainwater provides many benefits such as reducing flooding and saving money on water bills! You’ll find plenty of companies selling rain barrels online, but it can be difficult to know which ones are worth buying since there are so many different types available.

That’s where we come in; our experts have put together reviews for some of the best rain barrels currently on sale today so you don’t have to waste time sorting through all those options! In addition, we’ve compiled some tips about how to choose a barrel based on your needs plus instructions for installing one if needed.

Benefits Of Having A Rain Barrel

There are numerous justifications for why it is absolutely smart to have a downpour barrel. Anyways, right here are the four most extensive advantages you have to be privy to:

1. Keep plants and soil healthy: tap water contains chemicals like fluoride that over time accumulate in the soil, so preventing these chemicals from accumulating can also be a plus!

2. Save money on household bills: using less water for watering lawns or gardens not only saves money but will also contribute positively towards climate change awareness as well as create more green spaces where before there were none – whether at home or elsewhere!

3. Reduce runoff: rain barrels help reduce the flow of rain runoff and can prevent contaminants from running off your land into areas you don’t want them to go.

4. Harvesting homegrown food: have your garden? Water it with rainwater collected in your barrel, which will produce free of any type of pesticide or herbicide residue (as opposed to using tap water).

Best Water But And Rain Barrels Reviews

The best rain barrels on the market are available at penguin store Company! With over forty years’ experience caring for gardens all around America, our experts have put together these top ten reviews based on extensive trials and customer feedback. From small rain barrels to large water butts there is something for everyone.

So if you’re looking for a new way to save money by harvesting fresh drinking water from your garden then take some time out today to browse through these great options before making up your mind!

1. Good Ideas Oak Effect Rain Barrel 50 Gallon


Water Butt
  • FUNCTIONALITY: Catch and store rainwater in this 50 Gallon faux wood rain barrel
  • OVERFLOW SPOUT: Includes a brass spigot so you can easily connect your hose or for use as an overflow spout
  • QUALITY: Made of the industry’s strongest polyethylene resin, It won’t rot like wooden barrels, and stands up to the cold without cracking or splitting
  • EFFICIENCY: Collecting rainwater can help lower water bills and is easy on the environment
  • DESIGN: Flat-back and front-side overflow design lets the barrel rest up against your house, but without the worries of water washing over your wall

The greatest BPA-free UV-resistant polyolefin glue is being used to make this 50-gallon rain tank from Good Ideas, so it won’t rot, rust, or grow germs.

This Good Ideas Oak Effect Rain Barrel 50 Gallon might be just what you need if you have fruit trees on your property!

This barrel is easy to assemble–simply add water via the spigot attached to it and wait for rain! Its simple design also makes it easy to attach two or more barrels so that when one barrel fills up with water, there’s always another ready.

In addition, these artificial wooden rain barrels look great in any backyard because of their authentic oak grain texture available in four colors–plus each purchase includes a handy plastic mesh screen meant specifically for keeping out debris and bugs without sacrificing aesthetics.

  • Available in brown, black, green, and tan
  • Easy to set up
  • Very Sturdy High-quality material
  • Nothing of note

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2. Good Ideas Urn Rain Barrel 65 Gallon


Water Butt
  • Urn shape and color add class and style to your rain harvesting
  • Meshed screen blocks debris from entering your water supply
  • Shaped to provide optimal positioning against your home
  • Equipped with a sturdy brass spigot that won’t rust or break like plastic alternatives
  • The routed channel diverts excess to avoid flooding your foundation and can be linked to all other Rain Wizard rain barrels
  • Urn shape and color add class and style to your rain harvesting – BPA Free
  • Meshed screen blocks debris from entering your water supply

The Good Ideas Urn Rain Barrel 65 Gallon will be appealing to anyone looking for something different than their ordinary rain barrel design.

The capacity is enough water storage for most users at 65 gallons; however, due to its ornate design, it may be more difficult daisy chaining or joining on other barrels like normal rain barrels and water butts.

  • Flat back design
  • Brass rain barrel spigot tap
  • Available in 5 colors black, terra cotta, khaki, dark granite, and light granite
  • Not suitable for daisy chaining barrels
  • Overflow is behind the barrel which release the water against your wall


3. Rustic Oak Wooden Water Butt 200L

Water Butt
  • Oak Barrel Water Butt comes complete with either a traditional wooden brewer’s tap, traditional verdigris, or brass tap.
  • Made from genuine ex-distillery oak barrels that have been used for the maturing of spirits such as whiskey and bourbon.
  • Fits in perfectly where a modern water butt would look out of place.
  • Approximate capacity: 45 gallons (200 liters). Approximate height: 88cm. Approximate diameter at middle: 54cm
  • Made in the UK

The rustic oak wooden water butt 200L is a genuine Oak Whisky Barrel that has been re-purposed as a water butt/rain barrel.

This product contains 45 gallons or 200 liters of capacity and due to it being genuine oak it weighs approximately 50 kilograms or 120 pounds which may limit its ability to be raised off the ground if placed on uneven terrain such as lawns etc., so please take care when placing this product down in order not to cause any damage!

This rustic oak water butt 200L is fitted with a brass spigot tap on top. Yep, that’s about it. Made by craftsmen who understand what real quality means; there are no crew or lock mechanisms, no stand, and a filter kit – just pure function! But once you have put some thought into where to place it in your garden and how best to use it – well then you will be left with something very special indeed!

  • Brass spigot tap
  • Outstanding and unique garden feature
  • Genuine authentic wooden barrel
  • It’s rustic nature means you will need to accept a bit of extra work to install it

4. BeGreen 100L Mini Rainsaver Water Butt and Stand + kit


Water Butt and Stand
  • Water butt kit including stand and diverter
  • 100ltr capacity
  • Produced from recycled plastic
  • British made
  • Hose fit tap included fits all standard fittings

The BeGreen Mini Rainsaver Water Butt and Stand + kit offer an innovative option for rainwater harvesting in homes where space is limited.

This product provides up to 20 gallons of capacity and includes a stand, diverter kit, and spigot tap compatible with Hozelock and Gardena hose connectors.

Constructed from durable polypropylene copolymer material that won’t rot or rust it also has rounded corners so you don’t have to worry about sharp edges when transporting it around your property!

  • Excellent build quality
  • The slim design is a great space saver
  • Supplied with stand, spigot tap, and diverter kit
  • Plastic spigot tap
  • No pre-drilled hole in the lid for the downpipe

5. Charles Bentley 210L Round Water Butt Kit


Water Butt and Stand
  • Assembly : Capacity: 210 litres, Made in the UK
  • Material : High Density Plastic
  • Dimensions : Water Butt – H97 x W57 x D57cm, Stand – L40.5 x W40.5 x H30.5cm
  • Weight : 8.2kg
  • Colour: Black, Assembly : Capacity: 210 liters, Made in the UK

Charles Bentley 210L Round Water Butt Kit The Charles Bentley 205L Water Butt is a similar but larger design to the BeGreen model. With twice the water storage capacity it also comes with a stand, water diverter kit, and tap.

A spigot tap means you’ll be able to connect hoses without having any threads exposed on your barrel when filling up buckets or watering plants nearby!

This design suits daisy chaining multiple barrels together if you need increased water storage capacity at some point in time.

  • Lockable Lid
  • Very strong build
  • Stand and water diverter kit included
  • Plastic Spigot Tap

6. Cascata 245 Litre Terra Cotta Effect Rain Barrel


best rain barrel
  • Integral Planter / Birdbath
  • 245 Litre Capacity – 63cm Dia (Max) x 115cm (H)
  • Terracotta Finish with Durability of Plastics
  • Brass Tap
  • Integral Hose

Cascata 245 Litre Terra Cotta Effect Best Rain Barrel The Cascata has achieved a nice authentic-looking terra cotta urn from modern plastics.

This unusual design will work very well in a wide range of gardens looking to maintain an aesthetic setting and avoid the standard economical green or blue plastic rain barrel design.

Fitted with a corrosion-resistant screen guard, solid brass screw tap, and unusual addition of 150cm short hose water butt is designed with a deep lid to allow for planting although you will need to plant shallow-rooted species.

  • Excellent build quality
  • Very realistic terra cotta effect
  • Perfect for a prominent position in your garden
  • Does not come with a stand

7. Goplus Portable Collapsible Rain Barrel 60 Gallon


best rain barrel
  • 【Collect Water】This Rain Barrel can provide 60 gallons of clear rain water when it is full. During heavy rain falls, a typical roof can produce hundreds of gallons of water if you have connected a few more barrels.
  • 【Efficient & Money-saving Equipment】When drought sets in and rain are short, rain barrels can provide the precious water you need for your lawn and garden. By saving that water, you can reduce your average water usage by up to 40%.
  • 【 High-Quality Materials】PVC frame and Anti-corrosion PVC mesh cloth make these rain barrels tough. While most barrels will crack or become brittle in the wintertime, the durable materials of the item ensure stability and long-time use.
  • 【Easy to Use】Simply place it under a downspout and let the water run through the mesh top into the storage area, and if it was filled with rain water, excess water will outflow from the top drain pipe.

Get ready for some water conservation! Rain barrels help reduce water usage by collecting rainwater when it falls on rooftops, yards, driveways, etc. before it reaches storm drains and goes out into rivers or lakes. With 60 gallons capacity, these foldable rain barrels are easy to store away after filling up.

Made from corrosion-proof PVC mesh cloth which makes them withstand all weather conditions so you don’t have to worry about their durability!

Simply place under the gutter and let rainwater run through the top screen until the barrel is full then excess water will flow out of the drain pipe at the top opening when needed again just fold up the storage space required saving time & money!

  • Easy to use
  • Quality material
  • Available in 53, 60, and 100-gallon sizes
  • Not very sturdy when full compared to standard rain barrels

8. Planta Wide Neck Water Butt 220L


water butt
  • Plastic container Green
  • Height: 39 inches
  • Hole Dia: Approx. 47 cm
  • Diameter max: approx. 50 cm
  • Material: Polyethylene in the barrel is new. The barrel is not suitable for food.

The Planta Wide Neck Water Butt 220L provides easy access for water storage at its most basic level. Re-purposed rain barrels come into their own when used in ecological projects such as rain barrel gardening or establishing a daisy chain system on your allotment site.

The wide neck design makes it easier than ever before to do DIY work involving drilling holes through these items, making them super robust and providing greater possibilities when compared with traditional designs which have narrow necks restricting access inside the barrel itself.

  • Wide neck lid, perfect for DIY projects
  • Super durable thick plastic walls
  • Basic product, no extras
  • Plastic spigot tap

9. RTS Home Accents Eco 50 Gallon Flat Back Rain Barrel


best rain barrel
  • Embrace nature’s solution to our emerging water shortage-collect rainwater! When drought sets in and rain are short, rain barrels can provide that precious water you need for your lawn and garden
  • Our 50 Gallon ECO Rain Barrel is unique from our other rain barrels in that it is made of 100% Recycled plastic
  • It has a plastic screen to keep out debris and a plastic spigot shut-off valve for hose hook up with dual overflow
  • Product dimensions 24 x 19 x 34 inches
  • Item Weight 18 pounds

RTS Home Accents Eco 50 Gallon Flat Back Rain Barrel Another realistic-looking oak effect wooden rain barrel from RTS. This 50-gallon rain barrel won’t fade, rot, or get damaged by insects thanks to its durable construction with eco-friendly resins and UV inhibitors.

Its flat back will sit snugly against your home’s wall and can be linked to several barrels if you require more rainwater!

The front side overflow prevents excess water from flooding your home’s outside walls which we weren’t very impressed with because it detracts from the overall look of the barrel! On the other hand, we give thumbs up to its spigot because it makes filling a watering can super easy!

  • Set up is easy, ready to use
  • A flat back rain barrel
  • Would suit daisy chaining multiple barrels to increase storage capacity
  • Plastic rain barrel spigot tap

10. Hosana Collapsible Rain Barrel Water Tank 264 Gallon


Water Butt
  • Brand          HOSANA
  • Material      PVC
  • Capacity      1000 Liters

If you’re looking for the ultimate water storage solution, then look no further than Hosana’s Collapsible Rain Barrel Water Tank 264 Gallon.

This impressive barrel has PVC waterproof coating both inside and outside plus an intermediate layer of nylon mesh lining making it ideal for all climates. For assembly, simply unfold its two panels like opening up a suitcase! A spigot filter with two tap switches on either side makes accessing your stored water easy peasy!

  • High-quality build
  • Large capacity
  • Not very sturdy when full compared to standard rain barrels

What To Look For When Buying Rain Barrels?

Rain barrels come in many shapes and sizes, so it may be difficult to know which one is best for you. To help narrow down your choices, consider these factors when buying rain barrels:

1) How much water do I need? First, figure out how much rainwater you need or want then decide on the barrel size based on how many cubic meters of water you typically use per month (e.g., if 35% off what your last water bill says).

2) A tightly sealed lid! Make sure there’s some kind of screen filter at the top too—a tight seal prevents pests like mosquitoes from entering.

3) UV protection matters! Most rain barrels are either green or brown because those colors help protect against algae growth due to exposure to UV rays; make sure whichever type of barrel you choose has one of those colors.

4) And finally–check out whether there’s any kind of filter inside at all–heavy storms can damage interior parts without filters.

Rain System Fitting & Barrel Kits

A rain barrel diverter kit is an essential accessory for every rain barrel installation. Designed to protect your foundation and exterior walls from water damage by directing overflow away from them, it also improves water collection during heavy downpours.

A variety of kits are available on the market today including two types.

DIY Diverter Water Butt Kit


Water Butt Kit
  • CREATE YOUR RAIN BARREL – the EarthMinded DIY rain barrel kit includes all parts needed to easily build and install a rainwater collection system at your home, garage, or outbuilding; a water collection system to convert a container into a rain barrel
  • PATENTED TECHNOLOGY – FlexiFit diverter prevents overflows that can damage the foundation of your home; the diverter will automatically pass any excess water via the downspout
  • ALL PARTS INCLUDED – FlexiFit diverter, winter hole cover, 31-inch fill hose, spigot, drain and cover, hole saw set, water seals and screw, instruction manual; rain barrel and tools are NOT included
  • EASY TO INSTALL – straightforward and illustrated instructions make installation as easy as 1-2-3; designed to fit standard rectangular downspouts (2 x 3 and 3 x 4 inches)

You’ll save money on water bills with the DIY Diverter Water butt Kit! This kit includes everything you need to make your rain barrel including detailed instructions.

The kit also includes all necessary tools needed for installation and maintenance such as connectors, hoses, screws, etc.

There is also the DIY water butt kit that comes with a detailed instruction manual so all you need is the rain barrel and necessary tools like screwdrivers/drill etc to install it.

This DIY diverter kit includes the following materials:

  • Fill hose
  • Screw
  • Drain
  • Flex Fit diverter
  • Hole saw set
  • Water seals
  • Rain Barrel Spigot
  • Winter hole cover

The Flexi Fit diverter prevents overflow by rechanneling excess water into downspouts instead of rain barrels. Installation is easy; it’s compatible with standard size downspouts just like the in-line model, so you can have more than one barrel in your system if desired.

Any top-filling rain barrel can be connected to this diverter kit – there are 2 packs available so you could add two barrels!

In-Line Rain Barrel Diverter Kit


best Rain gutter Diverter
  • Patented design channels rain barrels overflow away from your house to protect the foundation
  • Offers improved rainwater capture rate during heavier rains
  • Fits standard 3-inch inch and 3 x 4-inch downspouts
  • Includes 2 x 3-inch and 3 x 4-inch downspouts couplers, connector hose, rain barrel connector, and filter (barrel and spout not included)
  • Limited three-year warranty

The In-Line best Rain gutter Diverter Kit protects against flooding by redirecting any excess water back into the downspout instead, preventing it from spilling out all over your external walls.

This type of rain barrel diverting kit is compatible with any standard downspout measuring 2×3 or 3×4 inches and comes with a connector hose, couplers, and barrel connector.

Its easy-to-clean filter ensures even cleaner rainwater thanks to its simple design which won’t stand out in your yard or attract attention!

How To Install And Use A Rain Barrel

Installing a rain barrel is simple with these general guidelines

Rain barrels help collect rainwater runoff from roofs, gutters, driveways, and other surfaces into a storage container where it can be used to water plants or wash cars. They offer an environmentally friendly way of conserving fresh water by reusing what would otherwise flow into storm drains which empty directly into rivers and streams.

Step 1: Choose the right location for your barrel by determining where rainwater overflows usually from gutters then choose the surface you’ll place it on–it needs to be around 12 inches off the ground so it’s stable–pavers work well as sturdy bases.

Step 2: Prepare ground level out base then put two cinder blocks on top pavers then set the barrel on top.

Step 3: Install the downspout if too long shorten using a hacksaw attach an elbow over the downspout make sure the diverter is secured with screws test pump some water through the gutter spigot tap at the bottom outlet check for any issues.

Step 4: Now place the lid on the barrel and wait for rain.

Daisy Chain Multiple Rain Barrels

Daisy Chain Multiple Rain Barrels If you have space it’s a great idea to ‘daisy-chain’ multiple rain barrels. Connect the second barrel to the first by using pipework and you can add on as many additional rain barrels as you have space for.

Water but Kits/Connector


  • NOT Lead-Free Compliant, Designed for Irrigation with Rain Barrel, Not for Potable Water
  • Brass Bulkhead Fitting Need 27mm or 1-1/16 to 1-1/8 inch hole to install, fit up to 10mm thickness wall
  • The overall length of the hose is 9 inches.
  • Content: Two Brass Bulkhead Tank Fitting(3/4″ GH Male and 1/2″ Female Pipe Threaded), One 3/4″ Hose(with 2 Female Garden Hose Connector)

10 Best Ways To Use Water From A Rain Barrel

Water collected from rain barrels has many uses! Read on for ten great ways to put it to work:

1. Water your pets or livestock.

2. Irrigate your lawn.

3. Water your outdoor and indoor plants.

4. Rinse out glass bottles before disposing of them in recycling bins.

5. Remove dust or debris from garden furniture with a spray hose.

6. Wash away dirt from driveways, patios, and walkways.

7. Save money on water by flushing toilets with collected rainwater.

8. Fill up outdoor ponds/fountains.

9. Pre-wash the car then do a final rinse.

10. Add it into organic compost.