“Wear A Tie? Sure Thing”: Employee Finds A Way To Maliciously Comply With Company’s Ridiculous Dress Code

Obviously, organizations need to have rules. However, they issue one that is only a lethargic method of making requests, the representatives will not be too psyched about it after it all things considered. Also, this story is a superb illustration of that.

At the point when Redditor u/CrazyCatLadyBoy worked at a PC store, he needed to follow its clothing standard. Also, a significant piece of that clothing regulation was a tie. Indeed, it was entirely essential, to the point that when u/CrazyCatLadyBoy failed to remember it at home one day, the executives made a tremendous arrangement out of it and gave the helpless person a truly corporate beating.

In any case, u/CrazyCatLadyBoy was not to be outperformed. Throughout the following a long time, he fostered a retribution plan that would both conform to the approach and point out how crazy it was.


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