Woman Tweets About All The Times Men Didn’t Rape Her To Teach A Lesson On Consent

This previous year the #MeToo development roused ladies throughout the planet to share their stories of rape and this last week was the same. Another sparkle reignited the exchange, driven by Dr. Christine Blasey-Portage and her declaration against High Court Chosen one Brett Kavanaugh, who supposedly endeavored to assault her in secondary school.

With most allegations of assault comes a massive dose of casualty accusing; What was she wearing? What number of beverages had she had? Is it safe to say that she was acting coyly? Indeed, one lady chose to counter these reactions with seven incredible stories, not of rape, but instead of the occasions she wasn’t attacked. Entertainer Mara Quint describes how she fit the rules of a possible casualty, vast amounts of liquor, and tease; however, there was one characterizing factor – men who realized consent.

Look down underneath to peruse the fantastic tweets that shut down the thought behind the “she was requesting it” exchange and offer your remarks!

Considering the rape discusses encompassing High Court candidate Brett Kavanaugh, Mara Quint took to Twitter to clarify sexual assent.

But instead of telling stories about being sexually assaulted, she decided to share different ones:

Other women started sharing their experiences


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